16×19 vs.18×20 String Pattern [A Data-Driven Comparison]

16x19 vs 18x20 string pattern

Tennis, an internationally played game, requires power, control, and stability. From weight, stiffness, and racket size to string patterns, many factors have a huge impact on the performance of a player’s game. Since 16×19 vs 18×20 is an old age debate,  the whole performance of the tennis players is based on their skill and the rackets you choose.

So at that point, you must know the value of strings since a good racket is based on lines. That being said, the pattern of strings or the configuration of the cross and main strings represent the player’s style of play.

How String Is Made Up

Different materials are used to construct the string, like nylon, aluminum, etc. The aluminum is used to make a lightweight racket which made the shots easier and made the player grip strength which is the most useful in-game. Such types of rackets moved freely, fastly, and made the shot clear and compelling.

Nylon, a cheap material, is used in many rackets. This material makes the racket durable and gives you much control over each shot. The thicker fabric is usually used to create a powerful racket that can smash all the opponent’s shots and make it wake behind.

Value Of String

The string is the strong wire used in rackets, and each series is a little bit far from the other. Thus it formed a strong network that can help to push away the ball.

Horizontal and vertical strings define a string pattern. Like 18×20 here, the series helps improve your game too. But to check which one is correct, you need to check your performance with each value of lines. Here are the different available values of string:

  • 16×19
  • 16×18
  • 16×20
  • 18×20

What is String Pattern

A string pattern consists of vertical and horizontal crosses, which makes the string denser and open. Each string has its own quality of its own, which the player used to make their performance outstanding.

If you are in quest of a suitable string pattern, you can select your pattern by practicing hard with tennis having your desired tennis pattern. In a racket, the string is like the heart of the racket, which affects the player’s performance the most.

Why String is Vital In Tennis Racket

The string is the main component where the power of the string depends. besides, it is vital as:


It is the primary leading value to distract the opponent player. The player must know the lower string can produce more spin than the larger strings. Because in lower grip the grip is also inadequate thus it makes the spin effect. And in more extensive lines it grips the ball efficiently and here there is no spin in the ball. Thus it comes as the patterns are the most important to control the spin.

Feel Comfort

Comfort is the main factor in each game. Because if you don’t feel comfortable gripping the racket, that was not made for you. The grip is the essential factor in each shot. In that case, the pattern also affects the most in the open design. It absorbs the primary shock, but in the case of a close way, there is a bit of shock felt, which may affect the shot. 


The force required for a perfect shot depends on the larger or denser string. You need more power for the shot. But on the other hand, the lower or fewer strings required less energy for a powerful shot.

String Tension

In that, the lower string is more effective than a powerful shot, but just like that, the line in significant quantity will result in an extra force required for a perfect shot. Meanwhile, the denser string is also tricky to handle the racket for a perfect shot.

16×19 String Pattern

The pattern of 16×19 is the most potent string. It’s a little open pattern that is beneficial for the player because it is easy to handle. It also provides some helpful spin for making a good shot, making the opponent player step back. As a result, its tension string is also durable and practical to win any game with a great experience.

The pattern of 16×18 is similar to 16×19, but there is more flex and spin is available. But in that pattern, the tension becomes lower and loses the pressure and durability to remain faster in each shot. These rackets are open in edges which makes them denser than their outer edges.

18×20 String Pattern

The 18×20 pattern is a denser pattern that is useful for perfects and a stable shot. In 18 are the central vertical crosses, while in 20 there are the horizontal crosses, making the pattern denser.

Like 16×19, 16×18, and others, the 18×20 is denser than others, but it made an excellent grip on the racket, which made the shot perfectly. But there is a considerable lack of power in that spin’s outer edges. It helps to create a sweet shot.

What’s the main difference between 16×19 and 18×20 string pattern?

The main difference between a 16×19 and 18×20 string pattern is that the 16×19 gives you more spin, power, and response, and the 18×20 will give you more control, but substantially less spin.

following are some major differences in detail for your better understanding;

Control Ability

The control ability in denser is more than the lighter. Thus you had excellent controllability in more viscous conditions. Professionals usually use these because the player may miss the shot if they don’t have the control ability. But in lighter, you have that opportunity.

Flexible Movement

16×19 contains more movement than 18×20. In 16×19, you can easily catch the ball with flexible training. But on the other quality is denser; thus, the action is also affected, and the flexibility is lower than the open one.

Duration of the Racket

In that, the duration also matters in the game. In lighter, there is a gap between the string that the period is lesser, and the attention between it is also low. But there is an excellent duration in the denser series as there is no gap between them; thus, we can see an outstanding period. The player had time to make a great shot toward the opponent player. 

Connection With the Ball

In a denser racket, you can feel a great connection with the ball; thus, the game is also affected. But in the open racket, the relationship is less than this, and you made a sweet shot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Tennis racket strings are traditionally made from natural gut, aluminum, nylon (multifilament) or polyester (monofilament).

The main difference between a 16×19 and 18×20 string pattern is that the 16×19 will give you more spin, power, and response, while the 18×20 will give you more control and less spin.

It is always part of any analysis of racquets to discuss open vs. denser string patterns. It is observed that there aren’t too many professionals out there using a true open pattern.  Just to name a few, Djokovic, Tsonga, Fed, Blake all seem to have a dense pattern. These players use the dense string pattern for better control as well as longer string durability.

Final Thoughts

Tennis rackets with 16×19 tennis string patterns are considered open patterns and generate more spin. While 18×20 are close patterns that absorb less shock and generate less spin. String patterns affect your tennis game to a great extent. And selecting 16×19 vs 18×20 is a pretty daunting task.

In this article, we have mentioned all aspects of these string patterns. hopefully, this article helps you choose the string pattern that suits you the most.

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