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About Author- Tennis Unit

My name is Robert Dorn, and I love playing tennis. My interest in sports began at an early age, and I was always active. As a child, I played tennis at local parks, streets, during my school days, and then at college and university. Over the years, I have grown in my abilities as I have practiced my serves, trained my agility and speed, and calculated quickly on the court. Tennis is now my life.

After spending my life in tennis, now I teach people of all ages how to play this game, so I decided to document this project for people to see!

About Tennis Unit

Through trustworthy, in-depth instructional resources that are easy to digest, we aim to help people play better tennis and have more fun on the court.

We’re dedicated to growing the sport and supporting players by helping them learn, develop their skills, and play tennis for a lifetime.

More specifically, we cover all aspects related to tennis, review the best tennis racquets that are available on the market, and provide tips and tricks for effective performance on the court.

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