Babolat Pure Drive Review [History & In-Depth Performance Explained]

Babolat Pure drive review

A well-established and respected brand in the world of tennis, Babolat Pure Drive stands out among the rest. Since the early 1990s, it has been available in most Schengen & Scandinavian countries. Since their release, these racquets have been acknowledged as the world’s best.

Being a tennis enthusiast, if you do ask us what the top rated tennis racquets manufacturers are, we are likely to say Yonex, Babolat, or Wilson. if you ask any tennis enthusiast what the top 3 racquet manufacturers are, they will likely say Yonex, Babolat, and Wilson. When you filter out your question to the best tennis racquet, we would easily say it’s babolat tennis racquets.

Moving towards babolat pure drive review, we will take a deep look at its performance, appearance & comfort. But first, let’s take a look at its brief history, to build some interest.

Babolat Pure Drive History

There’s just a reason (or two) for every success, or what we should say is the Unique Selling Point in terms of consumer products. Exploring the reason behind the success of Pure Drive, we can’t count each of them.

But we are pretty sure one of these reasons for why they are still the best selling is their regular updates at least every two or three years. The Pure drive was initially launched in countries like Germany, Spain & France in mid 90s.

Later they planned to get an Iconic Launch in Japan, United States, Australia & maybe in the United Kingdom. Congratulations, they have now dominated the world’s all courts & players.

Till then (from their initial launch), the Pure Drive series has been updated 10’s times frequently along with their Plus, annual, Tour & VS Series racquets. The best part of Babolat’s racquets is they use natural gut sort of strings.

These strings are now the best & strongest strings all across the racquet manufacturers. Undoubtedly, they are a bit expensive, but they are worth it in the end.

In the start, these racquets were selling at attractive pricing due to the old sort of frame. Now for 2021, they are expensive yet worthy again, as they are now using modern technology for manufacturing these frames.

Babolat Pure Drive In Depth Review

Babolat is continuously releasing the updated version of their Pure Drive series every three years since their first launch.

This has also helped both users and the manufacturer understand the player’s needs and expectations by gradually improving their Racism even more.

Technical & Dimensional Specifications:

The pure drive tennis racquet is a top-of-the-line tennis racquet that offers many pro features you may find appealing. Technically, the Pure Drive 2021 is almost the same as its 2018 edition, whether it is in terms of weight, size, or string material & pattern.

Its head is using 100 sq. inches, which translates into 650 cm sq. The entire racquet is 27.5-inches in length & the guy does not weigh more than 325 grams for strung & less than 300 grams for unstrung.

Babolat Pure Drive Review about Performance:

The head is best for amateur players, as this is considered as the large head racquet. You will be playing with a lot of room on the head to let the head push the ball effectively.

If you want something to balance, this is probably a good choice to have. This racquet is the head’s light, which makes it easy to swing. It gives decent feedback in forehead & groundstrokes.

Moreover, Babolat has introduced HTR Technology in this racquet, giving more power to the head strung. The good part is that you don’t need to put a lot in elbow power to make the strokes successful.

The racquet performs very best while pushing some backhand slices, even better than its previous editions. It does amazing serves, which spins pretty much to make the attacks even more powerful.

Not only this, unlike other racquets, which tend to perform in counter strikes, this guy can also perform for the first serves if you have relatively confident serving skills. To get some more power, you should strike through its center down strings.

The racquet head speed is pretty easy to generate with easy power due to its controllable strings, which every second tennis star loves to have. These strings are enough to maintain your power in a consistent session, without any need for adjusting the power on every single stroke.

Spin power & performance is also delightful as Babolat is focusing on this area pretty much. The topspins are easy to gain with these strings with power as well. Though they are still improvable at starting or serving strikes, they start getting improved sooner.

Comfort & Handling Experience:

Comparatively, as we already said that this guy is noticeably similar in a lot of aspects. But, it does have some differences as well. However, you can’t see these differences visually because these are majorly in feel & experience.

This updated Pure Drive is quite comfortable in both control & feel, enabling you to use it for additional hours sessions with little to none supplements. Another thing you might feel is their vibration absorption due to its optimized & stiff frame.

Pure Drive’s frame absorbs pretty much the vibration produced due to backhand or smashing strokes, which sometimes results in taking some rest to continue. Flat strokes are even more smooth on this guy.

The defensive shots are also not that hard, but you might need to put some power & dedication to survive. After some time, you get used to its sweet spots. If you are on clay courts, this racquet will generate more speed & spin compared to Concrete or Grassy courts.

The Bottom Line

Coming to the bottom line of this babolat pure drive review, we would say this babolat pure drive is the most maneuverable racquet for the price & sweet spots in its entire lineup.

If you are a recreational or an amateur tennis player who loves to play tennis at least twice a week, this babolat pure drive is exclusively worth buying for you. With some extra comfort, decent spin power & lightweight guy, you have got better control over the game.

Being a tennis enthusiast, if you want to improve your game for your next tournament, this Pure Drive is still worth buying. You need to practice a little, but it will be heartwarming for you. You can use this racquet without any classification of his skill level. If you are a beginner, it will work, if you are an amateur, it still works.

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