Babolat Pure Strike Review [Specifications & Performance Explained]

A renowned tennis player holding Babolat pure strike tennis racket

Babolat is one of the most established tennis sports manufacturers but completely unbeatable when it comes to the top tennis racquets. Every tennis enthusiast is fond of (or at least knows their brand) Babolat tennis racquets, including our editorial team.

Remember that Babolat Pure Drive Review we did just before this one? After reviewing the king of all of the best tennis rackets, we decided on the Babolat Pure Strike Review, another good guy.

Like its elder brother Pure Drive, this one is also updated frequently & several times since its first launch. In its starting, this one lacked in some comfort & a bit of practicality, but Babolat has kept renovating this weapon. Now, pure strike is more than just a racquet.

In this Babolat Pure Strike Review, we will try to figure out most of the queries like, what are the improvements, how this guy feels & performs, So you will have a clear idea, of whether or not this suits you well.

Since its launch, Babolat pure strike has earned a maneuverable place in every second tennis court in the United States. This has a couple of different versions, but the most successful is their 3rd generation, along with an EVO version.

The 3rd generation comes in different head sizes, & we will explain each of them briefly, without taking your time!

Babolat Pure Strike Review | Is this the Best Tennis Racquet?

To help you understand and let us demonstrate the racquet, we will break down its aspects, which will help you make a clear understanding.

Technical & Dimensional Specifications:

Physically, these racquets from the 3rd generation come in a standard length of 27-inches or something more than 68 cm. Their weight varies from model to model & the head size, of course.

For example, the Strike tour weighs some heavier than 325grams to 340grams, the strike 100 weighs 315 grams hardly, & the strike team weighs no more than 300 grams.

Exploring its other aspects, each of the racquets’ head size is 100 sq-inches, making these racquets a bit head heavy. But, if you are a beginner to amateur people, it’s okay for you to practice & get used to it.

The balance point lies somewhere between 4PTS and 6PTS, except for the team version using 1PTS HL. Their frames are also stiff, but consider the less one, equivalent to 65-69. Most of these are using 16 to 18 main strings and 19 to 20 cross strings for their string pattern.

Babolat Pure Strike Review & Performance:

The brand new & effective Frame String Interaction known as FSI technology helps gain smooth & enormous sweet spots on the string’s upper center.

This is a new advancement compared to traditional methods of tightening the strings, which sometimes significantly impacts arms & knees.

The racquet performs sophisticated due to its string pattern, which helps brilliant spin, & the hybrid yet stiff frame adds an enormous room to stability & power. Now, you can take stable serves & powerful topspin against your rival.

Babolat has made a decent effort to make this racquet friendly for those who want to have an excellent spin with enormous power. So, if you are this player, no one else could be a better match for you.

However, if you are a casual player, handling this guy could be tricky for you due to its spin power. But, if you know the art of handling, you are likely to get used to it.

This is a powerful racquet for sure, but the volleys & topspins are also doing a great job with this racquet. Thanks to Babolat strings & frame to deliver all this stuff without hustling.

Comfort & Handling Experience:

A great & noticeable improvement is their hybrid frame, which makes the overall control pretty stable once a ball hits the strings to achieve the best possible spin & power, of course.

You might find the frame pretty stiff if you are not okay with these things. To decrease tension in the arm, you can loosen or decrease the string tension instead of replacing the entire string for another comfortable string.

The graphite structure & contrast color on top of that makes a significant welcome in its owner’s hand. The pure strike is a little more muted than both its predecessor versions & even some Wilson racquets.

Still, there’s room for improvement in its feel department, but it does not affect any handling or comfort that much. It would be better if Babolat would have added more weight to it to have optimized control over the power rivals.

If you are not a big fan of pace, this still works best. If you do like to have pace as per your experience, you will have to experience & adjust it for your style. But, all other sweet spots, spins, serves & energy is magnificent here as well.

The Bottom Line | Babolat Pure Strike Review

So, if you found yourself a beginner to advanced player, who is stepping ahead, this probably one of the best tennis racquets to resume your tennis journey.

With some more energy, decent volleys, powerful topspin, & an above-average handle, Babolat has improved the game pretty much.

If you have some good techniques, you can deal effectively to prevent any elbow issues by using them.

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