Best Kids Tennis Rackets – A Complete Parent’s Guide

Best Kids Tennis Racket

Everyone who has played tennis in their childhood wishes to relive their childhood memories again by playing the sport with the best kids tennis racket available today. Children & teenagers of today have the benefit of playing tennis with specially designed kids’ rackets rather than using the rackets available to adults in the past. New technology has led to the development of tennis rackets for toddlers that are significantly smaller, lighter, and easier to handle.

As soon as your child shows a keen interest in tennis sports, you need to find the best youth tennis racket for your champ. As a parent, you might be curious to know which best junior tennis racquet in town is for your child or toddler and how to pick the right size. In this article, we will discuss the best tennis rackets for junior girls, as well as for boys, so that you can choose the right one.

Best Children’s Tennis Rackets – Buying Guide

When seeking a junior tennis racket for children to use continuously, these are the significant characteristics you can search for and choose the one best matches the child’s game.


Children’s tennis racquets typically come pre-strung by the manufacturer. Early in the game, strings do not play an essential role.

A child’s ability to recognize the difference in performance between strings and chords will come into play only once she or he has developed the skills to detect it.

Strings are not likely to become a problem until children are using a full-size 27-inch tennis racquet once they hit their teens.


Unlike adults with a nearly consistent length of rackets, children have to keep modifying them as they grow up. Ensure that you have a racquet of the right size for the kid, based on their ages. A too-small racket would make the child unable to hit or pass the ball through the net.

It’s going to be hard to swing a long racket, making them struggle hard to hit the ball. Whether the child is taller or shorter than average, consider a few lengths and see appropriate for them.

Grip Size

The primary grip size for children’s tennis rackets is 4 inches. Due to varying development patterns, some children have small grips, while others have large grips.

To see what your child’s grip is, use a ruler to measure their hand from the middle of the palm to the ring finger. Be sure to buy a racket that perfectly fits your child’s hand to allow them to manage the racquet properly.


Like strings, racquet materials should not be a concern when purchasing the best children’s tennis rackets. The only thing that matters to them at this point is their weight.

Kids’ tennis rackets are usually made of lightweight and inexpensive aluminum, though made of graphite in some cases. It is an excellent thing, particularly for parents, since these materials are cheap. Aluminum rackets are perfect for beginners, while graphites are more suited for experienced juniors.


Varieties of colors are accessible for kids’ tennis rackets. Younger players prefer to choose color-based racquets. Children under the age of eight appear to be charmed by their favorite color, which often encourages them to play in court.

Supporting the desires and abilities of your child is an indispensable exercise. In the case of tennis, having the right equipment makes your child enjoy playing the game and improves their talent efficiently. Choose the kit that suits their age and level of play, and encourage them while enjoying it.

Junior Tennis Racket Size Guide | Tennis Racquet Size by Age

Here is a table showing the proper size of kids tennis rackets by age so that you can choose the best racket for your child based on their skill level.

AgeChild’s HeightRacquet Length
2-4 years40 inches or shorter19 inches
4-6 years40-45 inches21-22 inches
6-8 years45-49 inches23 inches
9-10 years50-55 inches25 inches
10 years or older55 inches or taller26 inches
Tennis Racket sizes by age chart

Best Kids Tennis Rackets For 2-4 Years Old Children | Best Tennis Racket for Beginner Youth

Our review here focuses on a few tennis racquets which are best suited to kids whose age range is 2-4 years. These racquets have all the features that are appropriate for a child of this age, who is just learning tennis.

Let’s move on to the reviews of these racquets.

Senston 19″ 23″ Kids Junior Tennis Racquet Reviews

Your child may not be able to talk well, but they will surely try to play tennis with this junior tennis racket. It’s resistant to endless crushing and hitting as it has been built with aluminum integration molding technology that gives it a solid base. It’s built to survive high-intensity play and last a long time. With a four-inch grip, your child can carry and use it easily.

The Senston 19 inch Kids Tennis Racket weighs 210 and a head size of 92 square inches. The composite of this tennis racket is made of aluminum, making it lightweight, durable, and resistant to damage. This racquet’s pattern string is sturdy, so it won’t quickly break apart when hitting the ball. This racquet uses a one-piece molded technology that makes it high-intensity and robust. This racket technology also allows us to provide enough power for stroke.

Senston 19-inch Kids Tennis Rackets come with a range of bundles that help improve its performance. These packages include-an overgrip that helps hold the racket user’s hand dry, thus decreasing friction and increases comfort; a vibration damper that reduces the vibration of the racket string; and a racket cover with a shoulder harness that facilitates simple handling and covers the racquet.

  • Impact-resistant aluminum alloy frame
  • Protect the wrists from vibration and shock
  • Comes with an appealing cover
  • Grip cover can lack toughness

Wilson US Open 19 Tennis Racket Reviews

Wilson US Open Junior is an effective racket for small kids and beginners. The Wilson US Open Junior comes in various sizes and colors, making it easier for your kid to switch to the racquet’s next size as they grow up. The Wilson Junior Tennis Racket 19 Inch is a style appropriate for children under age 5.

The 19-inch Wilson US Open Junior Racket is built up of lightweight aluminum, making the racquet enjoyable and straightforward to play without tension. This substance also makes the racquet stable and robust. This racquet has a gripping capacity of 3 1/2 inches. This gripping size makes the racquet easy to use and provides seamless swing while experiencing the gameplay.

This racket has a 16 x 17 string design and an unstrung weight of 6.4 ounces, contributing to its usability. This racket has a C Beam structure that provides stability and power. The light and wide tipping point of this racquet are essential to learn tennis and improve learning techniques.

  • Long -lasting
  • Controllability
  • Lightweight & simple to use
  • Excellent grip
  • High quality in cheap budget
  • Not suited for children with wider hand grip
  • No protection cover

Best Youth Tennis Racket For 4-6 Years Old Kids

Our focus in this part is to highlight a few tennis racquets that are best suited to kids who are between the ages of 4-6. All of the features that are appropriate for children of this age, who are just beginning to play tennis, can be seen on these racquets. Now let’s take a look at the reviews of these racquets.

Wilson Youth Burn Recreational Tennis Racket Reviews

If your kid is searching for a pink tennis racquet, but they are not into Hello Kitty, then this racket is sure to be a winner. This racket’s bold pink paint job takes influence from Wilson Burn’s famous tour-level tennis racquet, featuring super cool, bright blue strings with a white Wilson logo. The Wilson logo shows black highlights and reads “Wilson” and “Burn” on each side of the racquet’s neck.

Wilson Junior Burn Pink, 21 inches tall, is a kid’s strung tennis racket. It is a racket’s leisure style and is an excellent alternative for both advanced and beginner players. The 21-inch Wilson Junior Burn Pink Racket is small and light because it is made of aluminum. This racket’s lightweight and maneuverable nature guarantee easy to play that does not inflict pressure on your children’s muscles; it also helps hit successful groundstrokes. 

This kids tennis racket has a wide sweet spot and an exaggerated tennis head owing to its open string pattern. It tends to improve spin and provide control to advance the abilities of the children who use it. It is perfect for young players with long, quick strokes who tend to strike flatter balls with speed and depth.

  • It’s quick to use
  • Lightweight
  • Maneuverable
  • Long-lasting
  • Lacks a cover

HEAD Instinct Kids Tennis Racquet Reviews

Are you searching for a racket that will give your kid a good start at the entry-level position to the tennis game? The Head Instinct Tennis Racket for kids is an outstanding alternative for you. This racket introduces children to tennis in the best manner and strengthens them before they advance their skills. The 21-inch head instinct racket model is specifically designed for children between 4 and 6 years of age.

Designed to fit for junior players, this junior tennis racket is constructed of aluminum. It features an o-beam structure that makes it durable yet lightweight and robust for children to use. It encourages sustainability, too. The company sells multi-size rackets so that you can pick one according to your child’s comfort and preference.

It has a headlight control that helps minimize turbulence and increases stability when striking the ball. 

This racket has an 81 square-inch head size, a weight of 6.3 ounces, and a 3.625 inches strong grip size.

  • durable design
  • provides strong grip
  • suitable for starters
  • head height is excellent for children
  • The tennis ball might not bounce off the racquet properly

Best Junior Tennis Racquets For 6-8 Years Old Kids

Our review here focuses on a few youth tennis racquets which are best suited to kids whose age range is 6-8 years. These racquets have all the features that are appropriate for their age level. Let’s move on to the reviews of these racquets.

HEAD Maria 23 Tennis Racket Reviews

Head Maria 23 is named after the iconic tennis player Maria Sharapova. This racket is built for kids between 6-8 years of age to begin their tennis journey. It’s a racket that introduces children to sporty tennis in a fun and child-friendly way.

Head Maria 23 Junior Tennis Racket has a head size of 98 square inches and a weight of 7.6 ounces. It comes with a regular nylon-strung synth pattern of 16 x 19 strings. This racket uses Damp Plus technology, making it easier for its owner’s arm to feel smoother due to increased impact absorption. The Head Maria 23 Racket is made of aluminum, making it robust and lightweight, providing outstanding responsive capacities. This racket also comes with a head cover that prevents dust and scratches from being used.

  • Great feel
  • comes with a head cap
  • Colorful
  • High quality
  • Lightweight   
  • little pricey

HEAD Speed Kids Tennis Racquet – Beginners Pre-Strung

Born out of revolutionizing the way we ski and play golf, HEAD has continually moved sports equipment into the new age. HEAD promises nothing but the most adequate tennis equipment on the market for all styles of play. Inspired by the HEAD Tour Pro racket line, this is a fantastic starter best tennis racket for your kid. Sporting aluminum structure, a lightweight and reliable racket is promised.

Like the Wilson US Open, the HEAD Speed Kids comes in four sizes: 19, 21, 23, and 25-inch. The only distinction with Pace is that there is a particular color for each scale.

The 19-inch is available in green and is recommended for players four years or younger. The 21-inch is red and suits 4 to 5-year-olds, while the 23-inch (yellow) is done to 6 to 8-year-olds. Finally, the 25-inch blue will be seen by any 9 to 10-year-old.

The producer also applied the HEAD mark on all the rackets. It’s the stencil on the strings and even on the side and underside of the racket’s head. The speed comes under the category of headlight rackets, which means that much of its weight is focused on the handle. It has two primary benefits. First, it increases the equilibrium that helps to reduce vibrations when striking the ball. Second, it offers a nice balance.

  • The aluminum composition makes for a sturdy and robust racket
  • Present in several sizes
  • Provide firm grip, flexibility, and balance
  • It comes without a cover

Best Junior Tennis Racquets for 8 Years+ Old Kids

Our review here focuses on a few tennis racquets which are best suited to kids whose age range is more than 8 years. The following racquets have been shortlisted due to their characteristics that make them appropriate for such a young child. Now let’s move on to the reviews of these junior tennis rackets.

Babolat Nadal 26 Junior Tennis Racquet – STRUNG with COVER

If your kid aspires to become the next Rafael Nadal, getting them Babolat Nadal 26, which is appropriately named after the great player, is an excellent choice.

This one is geared for children who are a little older, generally 10 to 12-year-olds. Alternatively, you’ve got to be at least 55 inches tall. The racket is the mini version of the Nadal Pure Aero tennis racket intended for adults. In reality, it just has the same features that are geared to younger players.

These characteristics include an outstanding style composed of a pattern of yellow and black colors. The 26-inch racket has a muscular build made up of aluminum, making it lightweight.

It is also fitted with a vast head scale. It offers the player plenty of space to make mistakes while they’re still practicing. This kids tennis racket comes pre-strung, so it’s good for us. It also comes with a nice case, allowing you a nice place to put it when you’re finished training for the day.

  • Suitable for leisure play
  • Comes in a fun color theme of yellow and black
  • Small and compact due to the aluminum build
  • Sports a tight string pattern to increase gameplay
  • Comes with a racket cover
  • A bit costly

Babolat-2018 Pure Drive 26 Junior Tennis Racquet Reviews

Babolat is a well-known company in the tennis racquet business for its premium products. If your kid’s searching for a better racquet score, that’s it. The Babolat 2018 Pure Drive is a 2-inch mini version than the world-class adult Pure Drive version, equipped with the same sophisticated racket technology.

This best kids tennis racket allows higher strength with ease and control. Your kid is sure to enjoy this cool racquet. The 2018 Babolat Pure Drive is perfect for children 8 to 12 years of age. This one comes with a minimalist style. It has a strap cover and comes pre-strung. The string is constructed of a regular artificial gut and comprises graphite. 

It has an integrated cortex structure that increases control over each hit. The woofer tech in the racquet also gives full power and feeling at any stroke. Both of these will enhance the game as the player will automatically sense the ball’s strike and feel very connected to the game. 

With the consistency of the results it delivers, the investment is well worth it. Your child would have a better gain in the court with strength and pace capacity. It is long-lasting, which is higher than the price. We strongly recommend this racquet for players moving into an advanced level.

  • strength and speed potential
  • perfect for a competitive game
  • Light and has a firm grip
  • Pricey, but all the cash you’re going to pay is worth it

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the cost of kids’ tennis rackets?

Many baby’s tennis rackets are going to be in the $20-30 range. You will see a few cheap tennis rackets that will be cost effective and some more oversized tennis racquets that has considerably higher price, but parents can easily find a perfect tennis racket at all price points.

Where do I buy children’s tennis racquets?

Kids tennis rackets can easily be bought online, in big box shops, and your nearest tennis shop. Here are a couple of sites where you usually are lucky to find the best:

● Amazon 

● Target

● Walmart

● Dicks Sporting Goods

If you’re hunting for in-person advice, you indeed won’t find it in the shops above, but the nearest tennis club or retailer will be more than willing to lend a helping hand. You can also do an extensive search on the internet before buying.

Can adults play with a junior tennis racket?

If you’re an adult, there can’t be seen a benefit in using a junior racket. It is best to use an adult tennis racket as it offers a boost to the experience, plus you can build poor habits when you use a legit junior tennis racket. And if you’re a total novice, it’s easier to buy an adult tennis racket.

What else is needed for my child to play tennis?

For many kids, the only thing you need to get interested in tennis is an excellent racket. That being said, based on where they practice or take classes, you can find that they also require non-marking shoes.

Typically, children are trained in full-size rough courts, where sneakers can leave unwelcome markings or skids in court. It’s worth consulting with the coach or tennis club to see if this is a necessity.

Luckily, top shoe manufacturers all sell non-marking soles, so it’s not especially difficult to choose the perfect pair.

Could you demo the children’s tennis rackets? 

Usually, you won’t find demo racquets for kids. Your local tennis club may have a couple on hand to help you choose the right size, but it’s not popular because of the convenience of kids’ tennis rackets and low price ranges.

What are the variations between children’s and adult’s tennis rackets?

There are several variations in children’s and adults’ rackets, but below are some of the significant differences:

Price: While there are cheap adult rackets on the starters market, the most common adult racquets are substantially more expensive.

Scale: Adult tennis rackets are full size or 27 inches long. In particular, some adult racquets with longer lengths may be as long as 28 inches. On the other hand, children’s tennis rackets can be as short as 15 inches.

Materials: Racket manufacturing companies use specialized materials to provide adults with various rackets that each have distinct features and feel. Kids’ tennis rackets are usually made of cheap aluminum to bring the cost down.

At what age does a full-size tennis racket become suitable for kids?

Many children will not graduate with a full-size 27-inch tennis racquet until they are 13 years of age or older and about 60 inches or 5 feet long.

That said, you mustn’t hurry your child into a full-size racket. We notice it’s the kids who are ready to change their racket, so it’s nice to find the right time to make a move.

Of course, every child grows differently, but this is a smart choice to make with your child’s tennis coach’s guidance.

Bottom Line

Junior tennis rackets are built for children who do not have an adult’s physical ability to play with adult rackets. This condition makes it essential to find and acquire the correct racket for them. Particular aspects should be noted before purchasing one.

One crucial factor is the child’s age and height. Another concern is whether the kid has gained an interest in this particular sport. Well, in that case, it would be smart to invest in professional tennis rackets to help refine your child’s talents, abilities, and strengths.

If your child is an aspiring champion, make sure your child enjoys tennis and watches the winners. And for this purpose, you ought to hire/consult a local mentor to properly direct you and your child. If the kids play for fun, you should pick the right youth tennis racket for him/her. It’s going to save tonnes of energy and time. The chances of injuries would be reduced if the child has a proper racquet.

Finally, keep driving or even pulling, and finally, one day, you’re going to get your destination conquered. We hope this article helps you!