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Best Tennis Racquet

Tennis racquets on the market have a wide variety of features, so it’s hard for buyers to choose the best one. We have compiled a list of the best tennis rackets that have been independently tested and reviewed.

BABOLAT PURE STRIKE 16X19 is our overall favorite tennis racquet in our Top 10 list. Its 16×19 string pattern produces ridiculous spin, making it a very stable racket with great control and spin. Those strikers who go faster will find it ideal.

Would you like to serve as well as the top tennis players? Then you need to get the right equipment first before you develop your skills. In addition to their high skill, these players also use the best tennis rackets. If you’re serious about becoming a pro, you should always opt for a professional tennis racket, whichever suits you most. We will provide you with all the information you need to get started!

Let’s go.

Price Comparison Table

At a glance, have a look at few top tennis rackets that made our list.

Image Product Details   Price
babolat_pure_strike_16x19_2017_101282-149 Babolat Pure Strike 16×19 Head size: 98 Sq Inch
Weight: 11.3 Oz
Length: 27 Inches
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Babolat Pure Aero 2019 Babolat Pure Aero 2019 Head size: 100 Sq Inch
Weight: 11.2 oz
Length: 27 Inch
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wilson-pro-staff-rf97 Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Head size: 97 Sq Inch
Weight: 454 gm Length: 27 Inch
Check Price
Head-graphene-360-gravity-pro HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro Head size: 100 Sq Inch
Weight: 330 gm
Length: 27 Inch
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HEAD Graphene 360 Speed Pro HEAD Graphene 360 Speed Pro Head size: 100 Sq Inch
Weight: 310 gm
Length: 27 Inch
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Babolat Pure drive Babolat Pure drive Head size: 100 Sq Inch
Weight: 300 gm
Length: 27 Inch
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YONEX Ezone 98 YONEX Ezone 98 Head size: 98 Sq Inch
Weight: 305 gm
Length: 27 Inch
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YONEX VCORE Pro 97 310 YONEX VCORE Pro 97 310 Head size: 97 Sq Inch
Weight: 326 gm
Length: 27 Inch
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Wilson Blade 98 18x20 Wilson Blade 98 18×20 Head size: 98 Sq Inch
Weight: 323 gm
Length: 27 Inch
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wilson-clash-100 Wilson Clash 100 Head size: 100 Sq Inch
Weight: 326 gm
Length: 27 Inch
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Buying Guide – Best Tennis Racket

Here is an infographic illustrating who might find this buying guide useful or not. Let’s have a look.

Buying Guide of Best Tennis Racquet
Buying Guide is not for these guys

After reading this article, you should be able to identify the best tennis racquet on the market. Furthermore, you will gain an understanding of the factors behind the ranking of rackets and how they differ from one another.

Our team of experts has gone deeper into the characteristics of each tennis racket to provide you with a guide to better select a tennis racket of quality and compelling gameplay. This guide is sure to assist you in making an informed decision about buying tennis racquets.

Next, let’s discuss the factors to be considered before purchasing a new tennis racquet.

Factors you shouldn’t overlook before choosing a racket

While choosing a pro tennis racket, it is not as much difficult as we see crossways. A good racket for you is always; heaviest tennis racket you can handle, for the type of tennis you play, and the time duration you are on the court.

If you can find a professional tennis racket that you can speed up on all shots or contact points without tiring quickly, then you have found the best racquet for your game, so the question that arises here is that how do we get to that point?

Let’s go.

Use common sense to determine which Racquets work for you

Whether you are buying new or upgrading your current racquet, choosing the right racket will no longer be difficult.

You can put your wisdom and go much more profoundly. Still, that process of momentum transfer means that there are mainly five characteristics of a tennis racquet that administrates how it achieves that transfer of kinetic energy and how it feels to the person using it. These characteristics are:

  • Weight of the racket
  • Balance of the racket
  • Stiffness of the racket
  • String pattern of the racket
  • Head size of the racket

How simple! The next target is to match each factor/characteristic to a description that best suits your strength, goals, and game style.

Let’s have an in-depth look at each characteristic.

What weight tennis racket is best?

Weight is the obligatory factor in determining the racquet’s power; it directly relates to the power a racket owns. The equation states the more massive a racket, the more power it has.

Usually, rackets range from 8 to about 13 ounces or 226 to 369 grams. At a glance, that may not look like much of a difference, but there is something for everyone in that range, and small weight changes can cause a considerable difference.

Racquets Weight chart
WeightRange  (ounces)PowerLevel
Midweight9.6-11.5MediumBeginner intermediate
Lighter weight tennis racquets:

These racquets usually are more comfortable to swing and drive and offer up trouble-free power but are used to provide less complete stability and control while hitting. In the way, these rackets are best for beginners or players having little strength and shorter substantial swings.

Midweight tennis racquets:

These racquets try to balance and provide players with reliable, all-around flexibility, control, and stability. Resultantly, midweight range racquets are the best option for all players from beginner to advanced level.

Heavy tennis racquets:

The more massive the racket, the more power it will put forward. These rackets have smaller head sizes and flexible frames that let advanced players catch energy through full swings and proper technique while keeping exceptional control.

Heavier rackets may be more challenging to maneuver and more rigid on a player’s wrist and arm, which is not suggested for beginner players.

What Balance of Racquet is best?

It is the distance in millimeters in between the base of the racket handle and its balance point. The balance point is a significant value that lets us know how weight is distributed along with the tennis racket. If the stew balances halfway up the racket from the handle, it’s supposed to have even balance.

If the balance location is more than halfway up the racket, it’s called head massive, whereas if the balance location is less than halfway, it is said to be headlight.

A heavy head racket will provide more significant push but less control, and a headlight /low-balance will provide greater ball control but less power.

What Stiffness of Racquet is best?

The more a tennis racket is stiff, the more it provides power, and the less it gives control.

On the other hand, the more a tennis racket is flexible, the more the balls stay in contact with the threads at impact, giving more control. However, this depends mainly on the player type, ability, and type of string installed in the racket.

Stiffness comparison chart
Stiffness RatingPowerControlComfort

What String pattern should you choose?

String patterns are the most changed part; essentially, keep in mind when choosing a suitable tennis racket.

A string pattern refers to the number of primary (up and down) stings and the number of crosses (side to side) strings. The most common design in the market are 16×19, 18×20, 16×20, and 16×18. The string pattern is either relatively open (16×19) or even denser (18×20). 

In an open string pattern, the gap between the string is more significant; hence the ball goes more in-depth in the string bed and attacks harder. Such a racket is incredibly supportive of stews with spin.

On the other hand, a denser string pattern offers more control and protection of the joints because the ball doesn’t go much deep into the strings, and as a result, the contact time with the racket and the time frame your muscles are under pressure is overall not as long.

You have to understand these concerning the head size of the racquet. With a big head of 18×20 strings, they are hardly tighter than on a small racket with 16×19 strings. Consider your preferences accordingly while choosing the new tennis racquet right for your game.

What Head size of the racket is best?

Head size is the area of the racket head where the string creates the face of the racket, measured in square inches. It is simply the hitting area within the tennis racket frame.

There are three different categories for racket head sizes, which are defined in below chart;

Tennis racket head size chart
Inches²85- 9798 -104105+
Centimeters²548.4 -625.8632.3 -671.0677.4+
Sweet SpotSmallMediumLarge

A larger or oversized head size lets you generate more power and will possess a sizeable sweet spot, i.e., the area on the strings where you get the racket’s maximum response. These rackets are commonly more suited to beginners.

On the other hand, experienced and professional players with greater power and skills will choose a smaller head size (Mid or Mid-plus) racket.

Top 10 Best Tennis Rackets- Full Reviews

Well, we have gone through many of the rackets available in the markets and picked the few best tennis rackets for the ideal game. let’s have a look at reviews of each product individually.

01. Babolat Pure Strike (16×19) – Excellent Feel and Control

Head Size:  98 Square inches /632 Square cm

Weight:  11.3 oz /320 gm

Length : 27 inches /69 cm

Balance: 4 point Headlight

String Pattern: 16 main /19 crosses

SwingWeight:  323

Flex/stiffness: 66

The most popular tennis racquet that Babolat sells is the Babolat Strike, which blasts the tennis world when it was first released.

As the name suggests, this racquet is for the strikers who go faster with the ball and want a quick response to increasing their accuracy. It is a stable racket having great control and feel. The most remarkable feature of Babolat pure strike is the 16×19 string pattern that produces ridiculous spin.

The graphite frame of this model is easier on the arm compared to the iconic pure drive. Players who will likely enjoy Babolat Pure Strike are all-court performers who like to attack the net and look for the best tennis racket that performs steadily across a broad range of attributes and strokes.


  • Lightweight racket
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Highly playable racket
  • Easy to swing
  • The back of the court offers plenty of power and spin.


  • Easy head acceleration
  • Few players complain that the Pure Strike may not be the most wrist-friendly frame out there.

2. Babolat Pure aero 2019 – Effortless Power

Head Size:  100 Square inches /645 Square cm

Weight:  11.2 oz /317 gm

Length : 27 inches /68.58 cm

Balance: 4 point Headlight

String Pattern: 16 main /19 crosses

SwingWeight:  324

Flex/stiffness: 67

The Aero line is well known for its effortless power, topspin potential, and uniqueness at all levels. It would not be inappropriate to state that the Aero family has played a large role in creating a revolution in the modern baseline game.

The Aeroline is better known for its user-friendly power and spin, making it an ideal choice for aggressive baseliners or any player looking for a little extra pop on their grounds.

The open string pattern combined with the substantial 100 sq inches allows players to add topspin to keep the adversary on the resistance. The racquet generates good speed to surprise your opponent. This covers Babolat pure aero review. Let’s discuss its pros and cons.


  • Good on groundstrokes
  • Provides a nice mix of spin and power
  • Comfortable in hand
  • Best racket for topspin
  • Great on the offensive and the defensive


  • Easy head acceleration
  • Slightly unstable
  • Only suitable for modern players who require tremendous topspin

3. Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Reviews – Roger Federer Racket

Head size: 97 square inch

Weight: 454 gms

Length: 27 inches – 68.6 cm

Balance: 12 point headlight

String pattern: 16 main/ 19 crosses

Swing Weight: 340flex/stiffness: 64

A unique 20x champion racket, the Pro Staff RF97 offers superior performance and elegant style that suits a legend. Featuring the same aspects and composition as the previous one, this pro tennis racket caters to ardent fans of Roger Federer and Pro Staff by retaining the trademark accuracy and pure feel symbolic of the Pro Staff collection.

Tennis Racket comes with style featuring a black elastic foundation, exposed carbon fiber weave with a glossy coating at the tip, and dual-tone pinstripes around the neck with a modern font treatment.

Starring a style that calls to mind the legacy of the popular Pro Staff franchise of past years, the all-new Pro Staff series strengthens accuracy while retaining the retro feel that its users have enjoyed worldwide, making it one of the best tennis rackets available in the market. The main ingredient: double braided fibers arranged at an angle of 45 degrees, offering a great ball pocketing experience and resilience to the net.

I might note here as well that Roger Federer himself assisted in creating this top tennis racquet, and that’s why it’s so amazingly great.


  • Professional Racket
  • Lightweight and extremely stable
  • Arm friendly
  • Great control
  • Easy spin
  • Good pocketing


  • Thin leather grip
  • A little bit stiff

4. HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro – Excellent Stability

Head size: 97 square inch

Weight: 454 gms

Length: 27 inches – 68.6 cm

Balance: 12 point headlight

String pattern: 16 main/ 19 crosses

Swing Weight: 340

flex/stiffness: 64

With Graphene 360 + Gravity Pro, Head ventured outside the box and launched a tennis racquet that looks different from everything else in the collection. Offering an outstanding combination of stability, power, and feel, this racquet soon became a classic with the players and one of the top 10 tennis rackets.

If you stripped off their vibrant colors, much of the rackets would look almost the same, but Head’s stunning new Gravity spectrum is different. The rackets have a rounded crown, which allows for a broader string bed at the frame’s edge. Head says this raises the tipping point’s size, particularly at the top of the frame, where professional players are most likely to hit the ball.

The stability and forgiving feel of the Gravity Pro on the net gave the players great power and contact on the volleys. Serves could be performed with high accuracy, and the returns were struck vigorously and confidently with the power and speed required for the starting points. All in all, the latest Gravity Pro is the best tennis racquet that brings optimum ease, durability, and power to the court. It gives you the feeling and playability you want to enjoy for yourselves!


  • Comfortable
  • Premium feel
  • Excellent stability
  • Strong at the net


  • Less maneuverable
  • Easy to use for advanced players with high racket head speed.

5. HEAD Graphene 360 Speed Pro Reviews – Good Feel and Spin

Head size: 100 square inch

Weight: 310 gms

Length: 27 inches – 68.6 cm

Balance: 1 point headlight

String pattern: 18 main/ 20 crosses

Swing Weight: 332

flex/stiffness: 62

Well, it looks like as long as Novak Djokovic continues churning out major slams, HEAD will continue to deliver Pace tennis racquets. The new version continues the Graphene 360 + theme, which extends from the Gravity and Reputation frames. This system involves Spiral fibers in the bottom part of the racquet head that unwraps and spreads in contact with the ball.

Not only this tennis racket is quicker and more forgiving than the traditional racquets of the past, but it also has incredible spin potential, given its thick string pattern. In the end, by mixing conventional power and feel with a bit of new pace and spin, the Graphene 360 Speed Pro aims to be one of the best powerful tennis racquets for the players on the market.


  • Easy to handle
  • Good feel and spin
  • Ideal balance
  • Optimized control and power


  • Little less power as compared to the other rackets
  • Not suitable for beginners

6. Babolat Pure drive Reviews – Best Budget Tennis Racket

Head size: 100 square inch

Weight: 300 gms

Length: 27 inches – 68.6 cm

Balance: 4 point headlight

String pattern: 16 main/ 19 crosses

Swing Weight: 321

flex/stiffness: 67

Babolat Pure Drive tennis racket is considered to be the best overall racquet on the market. It is commonly used by beginners and experienced players, particularly those who seek more strength, feel, and spin. This tennis racquet is used by many players, including Andy Roddick, while he was on tour.

As this tennis racket is a little wider than many modern racquets on the market, it feels much better. It also means that it may be a perfect opportunity for newcomers. The broad frame and string design give it the most incredible mix of strength and control in tennis. it is the best tennis racquet to target regulated groundstrokes from the baseline for experienced matches. You don’t have to lose versatility if you’re a double net player since it’s still pretty lightweight.

This best budget tennis racquet doesn’t influence any other racquet on the market if you lose the sweet spot. That being said, there is no racquet with more leverage that doesn’t lose power or spin.


  • Perfect for all skill levels
  • Perfect power and spin balance
  • The open string pattern provides a nice spin.
  • Nice feel


  • Solid but a little uncontrollable

7. YONEX Ezone 98 Reviews – Good Stability

YONEX Ezone 98

Head size: 98 square inch

Weight: 305 gms

Length: 27 inches – 68.6 cm

Balance: 6 point headlight

String pattern: 16 main/ 19 crosses

Swing Weight: 317

flex/stiffness: 64

The rise of a new decade brought an updated Yonex EZONE 98; backed by ATP player Nick Kyrgios, this EZONE 98 pro tennis racket is one of the most user-friendly racquet players on the market, owing to its ease of maneuverability, decent access to power, a great sweet spot, and a good feel. It’s more of a modern racket design, providing a lot of paces, spin, and strength from a reasonable lightbox that’s simple on the shoulder.

Pretty much across the board, the 2020 EZONE 98 will be a perfect match for intermediate to advanced players looking to capitalize on racquet pace, strength, and feel.


  • Great mixture of precision and power
  • Good quality control
  • Very stable
  • Premium racket for modern players


  • Costly

8. YONEX VCORE Pro 97 310 – Excellent Feel and Control

YONEX VCORE Pro 97 310

Head size: 97 square inch

Weight: 326 gms

Length: 27 inches – 68.6 cm

Balance: 7 point headlight

String pattern: 16 main/ 19 crosses

Swing Weight: 317

flex/stiffness: 64

It’s hard to keep a good secret, and for Yonex, the mystery of upgrading their VCore Pro line became too good to hold back. In 2019, the VCore pro series introduced a new tennis racket revision. The VCORE Pro range from Yonex is better known for its flexible and regulated racquets. A little more challenging than larger frames in the Vcore and Ezone range, Vcore Pro tends to appease players with thinner strokes that need more energy.

Donning an exciting new matte green and gold color scheme, Yonex also adds some new technologies to the fold. Vibration Damping Mesh is now attached to the graphite underneath the grip, resulting in a 30 % decrease in vibration. Yonex’s Named content is used for improved versatility and reaction.

The grommet configuration of the Lock Booster Mechanism is also used again to facilitate string interaction for improved spin and energy transfer. All in all, beginner players and experienced ball throwers will be compensated with the extra accuracy and strength of this VCORE Pro 97 310 best tennis racket.


  • Easy to maneuver
  • Good control
  • Easy access to spin


  • A little unstable

9. Wilson Blade 98 18×20 – Improved Feel,Control and Access to Spin

Head size: 98 square inch

Weight: 323 gms

Length: 27 inches – 68.6 cm

Balance: 4 point headlight

String pattern: 18 main/ 20 crosses

Swing Weight: 334

flex/stiffness: 65

It is the variant of the racquet of Serena Williams. Wilson has made this racquet for those who want power and comfort. It is their 7th edition of the Blade series, and it’s the strongest one yet.

This racquet is a well-balanced top tennis racquet. The revolutionary FlexFeel innovation in this edition takes sensation and touch to a whole new dimension. This makes it a perfect racquet for both volleyball and field trips. The weight makes it ideal for moderate to advanced players. The open string pattern would help you produce from a baseline a groundstroke spin. The solid frame of the Blade gives you a very relaxed sense of touch.

Among Stefanos Tsitsipas’s favorite tennis racquets is an older Wilson Blade 98. Wilson Blade 98 V7, due to its unknown version, is an excellent alternative to Tsitsipas’ racquet.

Ideally, If you’re looking for more energy, feeling, and touch but don’t need the support with strength, this racquet is an excellent choice for you.


  • Excellent control
  • Improved feel
  • Stronger shots with every move
  • Perfect stability
  • Excellent at the net
  • Best lightweight tennis racquet


  • Challenging for beginners to use as it requires good experience in generating power and spin.

10. Wilson Clash 100 – Spin Friendly


Head size: 100 square inch

Weight: 326 gms

Length: 27 inches – 68.6 cm

Balance: 9 point headlight

String pattern: 16 main/ 19 crosses

Swing Weight: 332

flex/stiffness: 55

It is straightforward for anyone familiar with Wilson’s product to agree that the brand has been a wizard of most popular tennis racket development. The Clash series’ creation has left a dazzling question to the mind of its buyer-how, did Wilson build these enigmatic things? The rise of the Wilson Clash 100 has wholly eased the questions on many minds. Additionally, This top tennis racket offers more than inspiration to an ordinary tennis player who hopes to move up in the game world.

The Wilson Clash 100 has been structured and built to offer excellent functionality to its consumers. Such functions vary from the unthinkable to the amazing.

Further, Offering a gameplay experience unlike anything else on the marketplace currently, Wilson’s Clash series is a new racquet range filled with innovations that have “whoa” players at all ages.

Wilson insists that the Clash 100 is the first best selling tennis racquet purposely built to bend with any swinging style due to its Free Flex design, made to provide maximum control and stability.


  • Extremely flexible
  • Easy acceleration pace
  • High speed and power
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Very stable
  • Unique design


  • Difficult to access the power sometimes
  • Costly

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which one is best tennis racquet for 2021?

Generally, It is not easy to list a single tennis racquet for all all level of tennis players, However our top pick for Intermediate & Advanced level is Babolat Pure Strike 16X19 which generate ridiculous spin making it a stable racquet.

2. What rackets do top tennis players use?

1.     Dominic Thiem– Babolat Pure Strike (16×19)

2.     Rafael Nadal– Babolat Pure aero 2019

3.     Roger Federer– Wilson Pro Staff RF97

4.     Alexander Zverev – HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro

5.     Novak Djokovic– HEAD Graphene 360 Speed Pro

6.     Andy Roddick – Babolat Pure drive

7.    Coco Vandeweghe – YONEX Ezone 98

8.     Stan Wawrinka– YONEX VCORE Pro 97 310

9.     Jelena Ostapenko– Wilson Blade 98 18×20

3. How many categories of tennis racquets are there?

Generally, tennis racquets fall into four main categories which includes Power racquets, Control Racquets,Tweener Racquets and Modern player’s Racquets.

Bottom Line

So here’s a very in-depth tennis racquet reviews as well as guide on how to choose the right and best tennis racquet for your game. The most critical aspect of getting a new tennis racquet is that you like it. The way the racquet actually feels to you, the way it functions, the way it appears. If the racquet is too rigid, too thin, too muted, too dim, too hard, the handle doesn’t feel right, you dislike the color, or it hurts in some way when you play, it’s not the right racquet for you.

If you are continually thinking about the racquet in your hand, you’re not going to be able to play with your full capacity. You must be able to look out for picking up your racquet and play with it without a second glance. Hopefully, this article will help you find the right tennis racket on your way.

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