Best Tennis Racquet for Tennis Elbow [Arm Friendly Tennis Racquet Reviews]

Best tennis racket for tennis elbow

An unfortunate statistic indicates that about 50% of tennis players experience ‘Tennis Elbow’- an inflammatory condition accompanied by pain resulting from the arm’s repetitive motion. Only one out of ten players with tennis elbows can play the game using the correct racquet.

You can reduce your risk of developing this painful condition by using racquets specifically designed for tennis elbow players. These are the reasons why this piece is being written, and thankfully, the best tennis racquets for tennis elbow have proven to be a worthwhile investment for those struggling with tennis elbow. 

We have tested and compiled a list of racquets that are designed to address all factors that cause impact to ligaments, tendons, and muscles, which aim to reduce the impact of the racquet on the arm. Let’s get started!

Best Tennis Racquet for Tennis Elbow- At a Glance


wilson clash 100

Wilson Clash 100
  • Head size: 100 square inches
  • Unstrung weight: 295 grams
  • Length: 27-inches
  • RA: 55
  • String Pattern: 16×19
  • Composition: Graphite 

Yonex Ezone 100

Yonex Ezone 100
  • Strung Weight: 318 grams / 11.2 ounces
  • Unstrung Weight: 300 grams / 10.6 ounces
  • Head Size: 100 sq. in. / 645 sq. cm
  • Length: 27 inches is / 68cm
  • Stiffness: 68
  • Balance: 33 cm or 13 inches / 3 pts HL
  • Swingweight: 310
  • String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses

Prince Phantom 100 tennis racquet

Prince Phantom 100
  • Strung Weight: 11.5 oz. or 326 grams
  • Unstrung Weight: 10.9 oz. or 310 grams
  • Length: 27 inches
  • Head Size: 100 square inches or 645 sq. cm
  • String Pattern: 16 Mains x 18 Crosses
  • Stiffness: 60 
  • Balance Point: 31 centimeters; 7 pt Head Light balance
  • Grip: Prince Resipro black
  • Composition: Graphite / Textreme

Top 3 Tennis Racquets for Tennis Elbow Reviewed

We have swifted through the clutter and fortunately found these three tennis racquets engineered to prevent tennis elbow. let’s get into complete reviews of these guys.

1. Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet [Most arm friendly and flexible tennis racquet]

Wilson Clash 100 has introduced an innovative FreeFlex technology. this allows the racquet to bend according to any swing style and is considered the most flexible tennis racquet. Another plus is that it does not offer only flexibility, but also it provides stability at the same time.

Length of this racquet also adds the latter. The carbon mapping gives a free swing at one side, while on another side, it makes sure that you get all control on the ball. As a whole, it assures accuracy and power at the same time. 

Moreover, its head size and open string pattern give more power with every shot. Also, the open string pattern provides a great impact on the ball and depth.

The weight of this racket lies above the lightweight category that makes it elbow friendly tennis racquet. Amazingly, this racquet offers both control and power at the same time. This combination does not make any sense for a player, and it isn’t easy to trust.

But in reality, Clash 100 shocked the players who played with this racket. As a result, it urged them to believe that this mysterious combination really helped them in groundstrokes. 

Furthermore, its performance on groundstrokes is incredibly amazing. On the back of the court, it generates high power; at the net, its maneuverability allows you to play singles and doubles, and it is perfect for quick exchanges. It worked well for serves and gave aggressive returns. 

  • Spin friendly
  • Freelex technology
  • Powerful 
  • High spins
  • Ball pocketing
  • Maneuverable 
  • Not suitable for beginners

Bottom Line

This versatile tennis racquet is perfect for intermediate to advance level players. It gives a perfect combination of power, speed, control, and stability. It has all those characteristics that a right tennis racquet for tennis elbow should have, including a thick flexible thick beam and appropriate swing weight.  

2. Yonex EZone 100 Tennis Racquet [best rackets for aggressive players]

It has incorporated the latest M40X material into the throat, giving stability and offers power to this racquet. Similarly, the New Liner Tech system also adds power and makes it comfortable for players. Moreover, Vibration Dampening Mesh and arm-friendly tennis strings aim to decrease string friction.

 All in all, Yonex Ezone is a very maneuverable racket with a forgiving feel. Furthermore, its beautiful colors and design make it more appealing. It does not matter which color you choose; it retains its glory and performance on the court. 

Regardless of the game style that a player prefers, it got fame from the baseline and is appreciated by all players. Its large sweet spot allows you to generate more power from the baseline.

If you want to serve volleying at an exceptional level, you might feel disappointed as this racket is designed for baseliners. But for volleys, its performance is not tremendous yet average that is enough for some players. And with this maneuverable racket, you can perform better serves.

  • Excellent for baseliners
  • Forgiving feel and comfortable
  • Spin friendly 
  • Gives fast spin
  • For beginners, it is a bit difficult to play with it. 

Bottom Line

Ezone 100 is an easy-to-use racquet with a comfortable feel designed for intermediate and advanced player players. It boasts all specifications and features of the right tennis racquet for tennis elbow. Besides caring for players with tennis elbow, its power, control, precision, and stability make it an impressive option for other players also.

3. Prince Phantom 100 Tennis Racquet [most comfortable tennis racquets]

Phantom 100 is the best tennis racquet for arm comfort that is designed to expand steadiness throughout the racquet. Both the dampening technology and CTS Technology make it the best fit for those players who have touch joints.

For instance, a player with a tennis elbow finds it great. The amazing portholes are its plus. With 60 RA stiffness, it lies in the category of the low stiffness tennis racquet. Feel it provides for the ball is something that a player needs to excel in the game. 

This spin-friendly stick shines on all-court games. Though it has less power, it offers an advantage in that it offers more control. The control-oriented stick allows you to show your performance from the baseline remarkably.

The sharp angles and precision of this racket allow you to generate good serves and returns. Overall, it is unique and marks up to your expectations while playing tennis. 

  • Spin-friendly 
  • Flexibility 
  • Control-oriented stick
  • Muted feel 
  • Pretty odds on overhead activity 

Botom Line

Playing tennis with painful tendinitis is a pretty unpleasant experience. Here, Prince Phantom 100 emerged as the most comfortable tennis racquet for tennis elbow. This thin-beamed dagger gives a muted feel and swift acceleration. 

Buying Guide | Consideration before picking an Arm friendly tennis racquet

The tennis elbow is causing a hindrance to your game? Hang on, tennis players. We have mentioned some suggestions here that are incredibly valuable for you. 

Weight of the Racquet

The foremost thing that a player with Tennis Elbow needs to consider is the weight of the stick. We wrongly assume that a lightweight racket is helpful for those with tennis elbow. But in reality, a heavyweight has more potential to absorb shock and put less strain on joints. 

That being said, too heavy racquet is also not a great choice as it affects the performance. On the flip side, a lightweight racquet does not absorb the impact. A moderately heavier racket fits the equation. 

Stiffness of the Racquet

Another important factor to consider while buying the tennis racquet for tennis elbow is its ability to flex. It is better to opt for a flexible racquet as they bend with any swing style. Also, its ability to absorb shock is far more than a stiffer racquet.

Head size of the racquet

The larger the head size of the racquet, the greater amount of deflection it will offer. So it will be more gentle on the sore arm. Hence, they offer a large sweet spot and absorb more impact. As a result, the racquets with large head sizes feel soft on the arm and are considered safe for tennis elbow. 

Balance of the racquet

For a tennis racquet best for tennis elbow, there should be an appropriate ratio of balance between its head and handle. Consider a racquet that has enough weight in the handle to offer speed and provide stability to the stick. Moreover, it should be maneuverable and comfortable for elbows. 

String pattern of the racquet

A racket either has a close string pattern or an open string pattern. For tennis elbow, an open string pattern is a great choice for two main reasons. First, the interesting- it offers more power and allows you to generate more shots. Second, the frustrating- it limits control. But overall, it gives a comfortable feel and enables you to enjoy your game. 

Frequently Asked Questions -FAQs

Q. What is the tennis elbow? does tennis racquet have a role in the prevention of tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow is the repetitive injury of the elbow’s lateral epicondyle and leads to inflammation, pain, and restricted range of motion. It is a commonly occurring condition among tennis players. 

NSAIDs, analgesic gels, icing, and Physical Therapy are the leading treatment methods available here. For sure, tennis racquets play a crucial role in preventing the tennis elbow. So far, many tennis racquets have been engineered to prevent such conditions, and they also play a major role in managing its symptoms. They dampen the vibrations, give a comfortable feel, and inhibit wrist snaps. This leads to the prevention of tennis elbow.

Q. Is a light racquet good for tennis elbow?

For tennis elbow, a light elbow does not make the right choice as it absorbs less shock and puts more strain on the elbow. To avoid tennis elbow, a heavier tennis elbow is helpful. It has a greater capacity to absorb the shock.  

Q. What are the characteristics of the best tennis racquet for tennis elbow?

A racquet for tennis elbow has the following characteristics.

  1. Vibration dampeners
  2. The average size of the grip
  3. Heavyweight
  4. String tension between 23 and 27kg  
  5. Flexibility or less stiffness

Final Verdict

Tennis elbow is caused by repetitive motions of the arm while playing tennis. A tennis racquet that is too big is one cause, but racquets of a different size can also contribute to the condition.

This condition can be minimized by using arm-friendly tennis racquets to play with comfort. That’s right, you’re no longer in need of analgesics such as ibuprofen or other painkillers. Tennis elbow is definitely a concern for most people.

This is why we recommend racquets that are specifically designed for elbow protection. They dampen the vibrations and allow you to continue playing for many years. 

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