How To Spray Paint A Tennis Racket [Easy Steps to Customize a Racquet]

spray paint a tennis racket

While visiting a market colorful, textured, and aesthetically appealing objects capture our attention. Why not color coat your tennis racket to make it attractive and yield many benefits. A great idea, though! Can you spray paint tennis rackets? Well, yes it is pretty effortless to spray paint your racket.

This article will let you know how to spray paint rackets.

Why spray paint a tennis racket?

Even though it is sports gear, it provides information about the player’s style and knowledge of current trends. A freshly painted tennis racket offers you a completely different and new aesthetic look.  

A newly painted tennis racket also boosts your confidence. But it is also not easy to paint a tennis racket as it requires the necessary things and materials. So before you go ahead and start painting your tennis racket, keep in mind that you will lose your tennis racket guarantee. You will no longer be eligible for free servicing from the tennis rackets manufacturer by repainting.

So let’s go over the things you will need to do in the painting task. Keep in mind that you need to complete this painting task in dry areas with good ventilation.

What you’ll need to paint?

When you are painting objects, many things are necessary to do a task. The same goes for the tennis racket when you are painting the job these are some essential things  you are required, 

  • Primer
  • Masking tape
  • Sandpaper
  • Spray paint
  • Paint stripper
  • Foam paint brush
  • Steel wool
  • Hand gloves
  • Some old newspaper

Primer will provide you with a smooth basis to work. Making tap will provide you with clean edges. Hand gloves are essential because they keep your hand safe from the paint. 

Can you spray paint a tennis racket : Steps for Painting Tennis Rackets

Once you have gathered all the martial arts listed above, you can produce to complete the below steps. If you are wondering how do I customize my tennis racket, follow the simple steps that we are going to explain below.  

Before you start your work, remember that your patience is essential for a successful paint job. Do not rush while painting because a mirror mistal may derail your entire project. So be patient and follow every step.

Step 1: Separating parts

To start your work, pick up the dry and well-ventilated room. To protect the floor, spread the old newspapers on the area where you will be doing the paintwork.  Now Remove all the separate pieces from your racket: individual strings, bumper guards, dampeners, grips and grip bands, grommets, and other components. Store them somewhere safe; the color you are painting on your racket can’t contact them.

Step 2: Selecting the design

The next thing you are doing is to put the masking tape to work. Put the masking tape on the area where you don’t want paint. It will make your work easier. Select your favorite style for your tennis racket. You may mimic any design brief using any drawing program and make whatever changes you want. While selecting your design, be careful because painting is a time-consuming task as you can not sit for the painting job regularly. 

Step 3: Removing old paints with sandpaper

It’s, without a doubt, the most challenging portion of the entire procedure. All of the old paints must be sanded away. Remove all paint using a remover to create a pristine painting area.  For the goal of peeling, you will need to devote several hours. It’s dependent on the number of irregularly shaped edges on your tennis racket and the amount of single layer you desire for your paintwork.

Step 4:  Discoloration and Scraping

For this step, put on your hand gloves and start coating the tennis racket with a stripper at this point. To perform your job, use a foam paintbrush. Then take a break and leave the racket for a while.

After that, begin scrubbing the racket with steel wool. Peel the coating with caution. After scraping, repeat the discoloration procedure to verify that all of the earlier colors are no more on a racket. Continue sanding the racket with a sheet of sandpaper after removing all the paint. Start with 200 coarse sandpaper and work your way up. Rinse the racket lightly with soap and warm water when you’re happy with the grinding.

Step 5: Primer and spray application

Begin applying the primer right away. First, use a couple of thin layers of primer. Allow for 30 to 35 minutes for the racket to settle. After that, add a second layer of primer. Continue this process till the covering is to your liking. Allow the racket to dry for a day for several hours after applying the last layer. Don’t rush while coating your rocket. After the racket has completely dried, gently sand it. It will provide you with a great working surface.

Step 6: Paint your racket

it’s essential to have your racket painted. Make a mental note of the pattern you’d like to see on the racket. If your design contains a few color stripes, mask the inverse of the places you wish to color with that color. Spray the open areas with your spray paint. The racket should then be allowed to dry for a time. If you don’t use numerous coats of color, the paint won’t last forever. Cover them using masking tape when these sections have received their final coat. Then begin painting the regions that were initially left unpainted. Re-enact the procedure you just completed.

Again don’t paint a single coat and expect to be satisfied. To ensure that your design lasts, apply numerous layers of color. get some printable sticker labels if you want to write anything on your racket.  Draw whatever you like on the paper. These drawings should be cut out using cutters and then stuck to the base of the racket. Next, color them, let the painting settle, and carefully peel the stickers away. The peeling procedure must be handled with extreme caution, as even the tiniest error will result in the removal of any undesirable paint. 

And that is how efficiently and carefully you can give your racket a whole new appearance.


This is all about how do you paint a tennis racket. Hopefully, this article will clear your mind and enable you to enhance your performance in-game by getting a better-suited racket. So, consider the steps mentioned in this article and customize your tennis racket to give its new vibrant look.

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