Is it Safe to Play Tennis in Pregnancy [Precautions and Benefits]

Is it Safe to Play Tennis in Pregnancy

Tennis is considered as low risk sport and most of the players can continue to play tennis during pregnancy without having any danger, however it is strongly recommended to consult your doctor before moving towards any sport or exercise according to your physique.

Additionally, when you’re pregnant, you will likely lack energy, have slower reflexes, and have problems with balance, which makes tennis a challenging sport. When your movements become slower, you are more likely to fall and injury yourself or hit by the ball.

Listen to your body, discuss sports with your doctor, and weigh all the possible risks before participating in sports while pregnant. Women who are pregnant should avoid overheating and playing in hot weather. Drink plenty of water, and stop immediately if feel dizzy or nauseated.

Safety Precautions When Playing Tennis While Pregnant

Avoid overstretching your body/Muscles 

Your pregnancy will add additional body weight and you could easily lose your balance, especially when your belly bulges outwards. If you are chasing wide balls, hard serves, or tennis balls overhead, make sure not to overexert yourself.

Play doubles instead of singles

Playing singles during pregnancy might be difficult, especially during the third trimester, so it is best to use doubles instead.

Proper clothing 

A loose sports shirt, sports bra, and so on, are ideal for pregnant tennis players. However, if you feel uncomfortable wearing these items, consider wearing abdominal supports.

Don’t Start learning tennis 

During your pregnancy term is not the best time to play tennis. Even if you are just starting out, it is best to stay away from playing, as you could end up falling and causing severe injuries. The only players who can play in their term are experienced and professional players who aren’t trying to learn new things.

Inform your opponent about your condition

A pregnancy announcement to your opponent will help you avoid complications from tennis ball trauma to your bump. As a result, the ball is typically aimed directly at the opponent’s body in the trimester. By doing so, you avoid overheard balls.

Avoid Overheating

Wear a visor or a hat while outdoors and drink plenty of water. If you must play outside, take frequent breaks and take frequent breaks for drinking water. The heat will raise your body temperatures above normal, raising the risk of harm to your unborn baby.

Benefits of Playing Tennis While Pregnant

While tennis newbies may be at risk from injuries, professionals and skilled players who know what they’re doing will significantly benefit from playing tennis. These benefits include;

● Elimination of free radicals through an improved immune system

● Prevents varicose and pelvic vein conditions by improving blood circulation.

● significant help to make the delivery process easy and comfortable

● You feel relieved from depression since it occupies your thoughts.

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