How To Regrip A Tennis Racket: A Grip Replacement Guide

tennis racket regrip

Have you ever been in a situation when you’re fumbling with a tennis racket because you’re unsure how to regrip a tennis racket? Don’t fret, this is the right place to be! If you are a beginner, you need to understand how to re-grip or replace the tennis racket grip. Do bear in mind that freshly gripped rackets provide the feeling of softness and confidence to play. In addition, you will feel the nice racket that secures your hands and improves the game.

Many beginner and pro players are confused regarding how to re-grip a tennis racket perfectly?

To re-grip a tennis racket, you need to choose a suitable grip from the market. Tennis racket grips have many types that suit perfectly at particular rackets. But, first, you need to follow the step by steps process for the tennis racket replacement and ensure that it fits perfectly.

This guide is for you if you don’t know about the types and tennis racket grip replacement. Here we will share the details of the tennis grips, their importance, and re-grip or replacement methods.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the details.

Importance Of Gripping Tennis Racket

Many tennis players believe that string is the essential thing in their rackets. It is true, but they forget about the grip of a tennis racket. It is near the handle of the tennis racket that tennis players often neglect. Keep in mind that it has a considerable role in the game.

Moreover, the tennis racket grip helps to determine how players will hold the racket and strike the ball at particular heights. Therefore, every pro player has the habit of tennis racket grip replacement to perform their best.

In other words, the tennis racket grip helps to improve the game and provides new life to tennis. Admittedly, it is the only way to enhance the lifespan of tennis rackets without changing them for years. Previously it was the habit of the tennis players to re-grip the racket while changing the string.

It is not an expensive task to re-grip the tennis racket, but it also lowers the cost of racket maintenance.

Types Of Tennis Racket Grips

Now you have the idea about how important it is to re-grip a tennis racket? Of course, it only works if you have the correct type of tennis grip.

So here, we will discuss the types of tennis grips.

Tennis grips have two main categories, including replacement grips and over-grips.

Replacement Grips

A replacement grip is referred to as the foundation grip for the tennis rackets. So when we get the new rackets, it has the replacement grips. It will provide a natural feel and thickness.

Tennis grips have different thicknesses, tackiness, and textures you need to consider when re-gripping the replacement grips. Remember that a replacement grip is a barrier between your hand and the rack handle. So it should be thick and spongier to provide a lovely feel.

Professionals prefer to use the leather replacement grip over the top choices of the overgrip because it will provide additional comfort to the player’s hands.

Tennis Racket Overgrip

Overgrip is a different kind of tennis racket grip. It is perfect if you are looking for the tack, feel and comfort with sweet resistance. By applying the overgrip, you will have the tailored feel and become a cheap option. You will get the fragile feel and tacky textures along with the comfort overgrip.

Overgrips are always thinner and lighter than the replacement grip to provide the primary feel.

So it would help if you chose the proper grip for your racket as it comes in direct contact with the player’s hand. Ensure that your selected grip fits perfectly with the racket handle.

How to Regrip a Tennis Racket

Now you have the straightforward guide to choose the grip for a tennis racket.

So when your old grip tape becomes dirty, torn, or reduces its thickness, it is the perfect time to re-grip the tennis racket. Moreover, your old tennis racket may also lose its stickiness and absorbing qualities with time, so you should consider its replacement.

If your grip size is too thinned and causes difficulty handling it, changing the grip is necessary and easy to perform.

Here we will share the step-by-step procedure to re-grip the tennis racket. It would help you to replace the tennis racket grip by following every step effectively.

Remove the old overgrip

Unwrap the old grip by sliding the tight rubber. The collar side helps you to unwrap the overgrip quickly. Next, you can use your nails or scissors to peel the finishing tape. The small pieces of the tape are used to secure the over gripping, but you need to unwrap it fully to re-grip the tennis racket.

Find Tapered Side

Choose the ideal grip for your tennis racket and remove its plastic cover. One end of the grip has a tapered side. In addition, it has a slightly sticky backing that depends on every manufacturing brand. Remove the approval from the tapered side.

Follow The Handle

Every racket handle has different dimensions. You need to follow the handle. Primarily handles have diagonal etchings. However, the type of grip helps you decide how to wrap it. If you want to increase the width of your handle, then avoid pulling it tightly and don’t wrap it too much. Also, a tighter grip will give you a thinner grip.

Start from the Butt

Start wrapping the grip from the bottom of your racket by tapered side. Don’t place the overgrip over the racket cap for better grip.

Secure the tape

Ensure that you re-grip the tennis racket by keeping the comfort level. However, when you reach the top of the handle, snip off the excess grip instead of making the extra layers. After snipping the additional grip, secure the end with finishing tape.

Pull the rubber collar back around the handle towards the top of the handle.


Summing up the above guide, choosing the correct grip has significant importance in tennis racket grip replacement. We hope this guide will help you in the grip replacement task and you know how to regrip the tennis racket perfectly.

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