Why Put A Tennis Ball On Antenna Explained

Is it always weird to look at the antenna with a tennis ball? You may also notice it many times and find it a ridiculous idea.

Many vehicle owners put the tennis ball on the antenna to gain its full benefits. It may not look, but drivers still use it for their purpose. If you are also wondering why you put a tennis ball on an antenna, then here is the answer to your query.

The tennis ball adds capacitance to a transmitting antenna, which changes the frequency at which the antenna resonates and the standing wave ratio (SWR) at that frequency. The primary purpose of putting a tennis ball on an antenna is to hold the transmitter at its position. Moreover, it also has many goals to put the tennis ball on the antenna. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about tennis balls on antennas.

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Reasons to put a tennis ball on an antenna

As we already said, the primary reason for the tennis balls onto antennas is to prevent them from slamming into automobiles. The drivers use it due to the cost-effective option compared to other alternatives. The whip antenna is sensitive and can cause damage to the outer body if not held in place.

So the vehicle owners care about their car’s interior and exterior and put the tennis ball on the antenna to prevent scratches. Although it is the previous method to secure the antenna, it’s effective.

Now you can get the customized balls for your antenna to get the better looks. It is better to adopt the unique looks and secure the whip antenna with the tennis ball.

The other primary reason to put a tennis ball on the antenna is to find your car quickly in massive parking areas. Imagine having a personalized tennis ball on the transmitter and look how effective it is in the parking lot. The vehicle owner can quickly print the car in parking from similar vehicles and models.

In addition, it is also effective for setting up the way in the streets. When you add the tennis ball to the antenna, it will prevent scratching and other significant damage.

Many people want to put the tennis ball on a whip antenna for primary and secondary reasons.

How do tennis balls affect the performance of antennas?

It is one of the main questions that tennis balls affect the performance of antennas. Yes, it increases the performance of antennas. We all know the antenna’s primary purpose and how it works for our vehicles’ radio waves.

The antenna acts as the transmitter for capturing the audio waves and digital data. The frequencies of voices sent and received through the electromagnetic waves produced by the antenna or transmitter. Therefore, anything including the tennis ball coming in between the transition devices yields blockages and impacts the electromagnetic field. So the tennis ball on the antenna also can create jams and broadcast the area.

Now, what are the potential effects of tennis balls on antennas? As we said that it causes an impact on the electromagnetic fields, so how does it work and create blockages?

The potential impacts include distortions, reflections, and deflection. The absorption of singles also has a similar effect. Keep in mind that the distance of the transmitting source also causes blockages: the smaller the space, the more significant the impact on the results.

Therefore, when you place the ball on the top antenna, it causes significant impacts that depend on the ball’s position. The height of the transmitter has different influences on the performances. The effect of a tennis ball on the antenna is according to the transmitter height and its characteristics.

Moreover, it also causes capacitive effects, especially in resonating the wavelength movement and standing wave radio. Both have a significant role in gaining the signals. The tennis ball impacts the frequency capturing power upward and downward the antenna. In addition, it also affects the standing wave radio.

If you are using the top-loaded transmitter and attach the tennis ball close to its tip, then it will cause a more significant impact on antenna capabilities. The tennis ball and transmitter tip have substantial relationships with each other.

The frequency has a limited flow that may increase due to the electromagnetic flux in the antenna zone. So when the antenna comes in close contact with the electromagnetic oscillations, it gains the signals. The voltage increases and makes the surroundings more receptive to the radiation.

Can you Minimize the Effect of Tennis Ball on Antenna?

Yes, it is pretty simple to minimize the effect of a tennis ball on your antenna. By adjusting the position of the antenna and configuring the transmitter you can minimize its effect. You need to adjust the tip of the antenna and after recording the signals or readings you can detach the tip. Make sure to perform some changes before readjusting the position of the tip.

Significant alternatives than the tennis ball on the antenna

There are many other tremendous options to use as the alternative to tennis balls on antennas. Here are a few other options you can use to achieve similar benefits.

  • The first thing is to use other types of balls like basketball or football balls. You can also use the ping pong balls that also perform in a similar way to tennis balls.
  • Plexiglass sheet is also a practical option. Wire it around the antenna and make a small opening at the top for similar effects. Ensure that you make the opening at least one inch of the plexiglass surroundings. The sheet cushion between the top of the whip antenna and slot gives significant impacts on waves and the frequency of signals.


Now you have a compelling guide on why people put the tennis ball on the antenna. Although it doesn’t look excellent and appealing for many viewers, it is beneficial. If you don’t like the tennis ball on your antenna, you can follow the alternative options for enhancing your antenna’s performance.

We hope this guide works effectively for you and enhances your knowledge.

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