Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racket Review: A Great Racquet for All Levels

Are you looking for a flexible racquet that offers high maneuverability? After reviewing the Wilson Clash 100, we recognized that this tennis racquet is highly maneuverable, and one of the best we’ve ever tested.

Made of graphite frame this racquet comes with strung weight i.e. 10.09 ounces. Also, it has a pre-installed grip that allows you to hold it more comfortably. By combining the above features, you can consider it the best racquet for beginners and professional players. 

Moreover, the setup pattern string with 16 mains/19 crosses, adds excellence to this racquet and makes it suitable for spin and speed. This highly flexible tennis racket has incorporated Free Flex and Stable Smart technologies that give perfect control for speed and spins. Additionally, we have also offered other aspects in this write-up.

Wilson clash 100 specs


wilson clash 100 review


  • Strung Weight: 11 ounce
  • Swing weight: 312
  • Head size: 100 square inches/ 645 square centimeter
  • Balance: 12.59 inches/ 7 points Head Light
  • Length: 27 inch/ 68.5 centimeter
  • Stiffness: 55
  • String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses
  • String tension: 48 to 58 pounds
  • Beam Width: 24.5 millimeter/ 24.5 millimeter/ 24.5 millimeter
  • Material: Graphite

Power and control are opposite to each other, and so are stability and flexibility. Have you ever seen a product with the weird combination of the features that are opposite? We got our hands on Wilson Clash 100 Review and came to know the many unique features that have ranked it higher.

Back in the 2019, a great revolution was made in sports equipment when Wilson launched the Wilson Clash 100 that features FreeFlex and StableSmart technologies. Wilson designed the Clash series to create a magic mix of power and control. In the modern era, everything has changed a lot, and in sports, this revolution has approached a higher level. That’s why the modern tennis game has current demands and to fulfil these needs the Wilson introduced Clash 100. 

Wilson tennis rackets have become a piece of necessary equipment, and in a short time they have become one of the top-rated tennis rackets.

Wilson Clash 100 Features


When we reviewed the Wilson tennis racquet, we were impressed by the design. It is engineered to provide power, control, stability, and flexibility. In this racquet, carbon fiber adds fuel, and carbon mapping maintains the regime while adding flexibility. Having carbon mapping can give you a robust, comfortable, easy-to-hold grip.

Moreover, the carbon frame has alternate angles that make it able to hold the ball smoothly. Its design is in such a way that when a ball hits this flexible racquet, it turns stiff and becomes a control tennis racket.

Flexibility and stability

Clash 100 absorbs the power of the ball that smacks the racquet and provides powerful shots. So, the Wilson 100 tennis racquet’s flexibility allows you to get a controllable drive with the most flexible tennis racquet.

Like the flexibility, this racquet’s stability is a prominent feature that can contribute to your victory in the game. Due to its strength, you can get better holding power and control at the same time.


Wilson has developed a tennis racket with two innovative and contrasting technologies. Wilson clash 100 offers greater power and control because of its FreeFlex technology and StableSmart technology. This racquet includes all the essential features necessary for outstanding performance, without overriding those features.

Swing Style

Despite the head size of 100 square inches, Wilson 100, provides the right swing style. The headlight balance, i.e. 7 points, gives control on the swing and allows you to swing freely. You can get any swing style. Thanks to its FreeFlex technology.

Manoeuvrability and spin

You can play with both forehand and backhand with this racquet as it offers more excellent maneuverability. With this feature, you can switch at any given place. Wilson spin racquet gives aggressive cuts at the ball and extra pace and spins you can trounce the opponent. 

Sweet spot

Cash 100 has a perfect blend of flexibility and control, it gives a more significant sweet spot that allows the player to hit the ball when it has a more substantial impact of power. Its sweet spot makes this racquet a suitable tool for beginners and advanced level players as all the players’ ultimate goal is to defeat the opponent.

Performance of Wilson clash 100

Wilson’s review would be incomplete without mentioning its performance in different areas of tennis. So, let’s discuss its performance on various tennis shots.


The main focus of the players, who are interested in the Wilson clash 100 review, is on the groundstrokes—wondering how it plays on groundstrokes. As it has a thick and powerful beam and low stiffness rating, i.e. 55, it plays well on the back of the court. 

Due to its large sweet spot, a combination of power and control, and maneuverability, you can show maximum groundstrokes performance. With its better launches angle, you can assure accurate ball landing. It allows you to launch aggressive 

shots that is the reason this power clash shines on different groundstrokes. 


As it gives more power and spin so it saves your efforts to generate long shots. Its muted response allows you to get the ball back at the angle where you want. The maneuverability and stability of this stick let it put the balls away at the net. 

This is the reason you enjoy playing tennis with this racquet that gives comfort, feel, and control. If you want to add Naomi Osaka‘s touch to your game, then this racquet provides more angles shots that work through half volleys providing the play style of Naomi Osaka.


For better serves, neither a heavy racquet is suitable, nor an unstable lightweight racquet can provide good serves. 

So, which racquet provides the best serves? Wilson clash 100 is perfect to offer generous serves as it allows you to maintain control while launching to high swing speed. With its good head speed, you can hit powerful shots that make this racquet perform well on serves.


With a good pace, you can get efficient returns. All the racquet features are present in a perfect balance and thus help generate good returns. This flexible racquet becomes stable even for bigger serves.

The ball sinks into the stringbed, and this chipping with the racquet provides greater power and enables it to play well on returns.  

Players who can get benefit from this best wilson tennis racket

As mentioned prior in the Wilson clash reviews, it is designed so that all levels of players can benefit from this racquet.

So, if you are an entry-level player, this flexible racquet with high maneuverability is suitable for you, and it allows you to start your game practice with comfort and ease. 

Moreover, if you are an intermediate player, you can get a lot from this racquet, allowing you to bend your swing style in any direction. 

Nadal and Naomi Osaka possess valuable racquets that help them get the victory and maintain their reputation. 

So, it is an excellent experience for amateurs and experts to play with this racquet.

Wilson Clash 100 tour Review

Another clash series is Wilson Clash 100 tour, a new Wilson racket, breaking the records of previous racquets. Although it has many similar features to Wilson Clash 100, its specifications differ from the Wilson clash 100 specs.

In this brief Wilson Clash 100 tour Review, we have listed its specs. So, have a look below.

  • Wilson clash 100 tour specs
  • Strung Weight: 11.5 ounce/ 326 grams
  • Unstrung Weight: 10.9 ounce/ 310 grams
  • Swing weight: 322
  • Head size: 100 square inches/ 645 square centimeter
  • Balance: 31.5 centimeter / 9 points Head Light
  • Length: 27 inch/ 68.5 centimeter
  • Stiffness: 55
  • String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses

This super whippy racquet has a headlight balance of 9 points that makes it easy to generate a fast swing. To dazzle the players, it has got a blend of power, spin, and flexibility.

We appreciate this spin-friendly racquet that has performed well on different groundstrokes. It has an added level of comfort for intermediate players. 

Wilson pro staff 100 ls review

It has become the focus of many players and while discussing Wilson racquet reviews.

It is essential to give a quick review of this racquet too. 

Like Wilson clash 100l, it is a very lightweight racquet with a strung weight of 10.6 ounces. Due to its lightweight, it tends to swing too fast. Although it is a light racquet, it gives a solid feel and provides more excellent maneuverability, so it enables the player to get to the problematic balls to reach. 

Its string pattern is 16 X 15, which makes it the best tennis rack for topspin and control as it creates the incredible depth and power of the shot. 

Final Thoughts

While you are putting your efforts into ace the game, you should keep in mind that the racquets also play an integral role if you want to play well. You can get an upward movement of the tennis experience with Wilson Clash 100.

In the Wilson Clash 100 review, you have come to know that this racquet is suitable for beginners, intermediate players, and expert players. Considering its affordability, Wilson’s tennis racket price is a bit expensive. Still, for those who want a perfect racquet, its price does not matter, as it delivers much more at a significant percentage than the price.

Featuring lightweight, healthy control, flexibility, and a beautiful string pattern makes the clash 100 a worth considering racquet.

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