Wilson Clash 98 Review & Playtest

Wilson clash 98 reviews

A new member of Wilson’s 2019 lineup, the Wilson clash 98 is equipped with the revolutionary and latest FreeFlex and Stable Smart technologies. Even though it has a lower stiffness rating, it is still powerful and can generate efficient topspins. With this racquet, you’ll feel more comfortable on your arm and experience a healthier experience. Thus, it is an excellent option for intermediate to advanced players.

In the Wilson clash 98 reviews, we discussed how it performed in different playtests. While playing from the groundstrokes, it has proved to be the leading model.

Additionally, its comfortable feel makes it ideal for volleys and singles, and the generous weight is good for serving and returning. Due to its small head size and weight, the racket offers the player control, power, and comfort.

Introduction of Wilson Clash 98

Wilson, a well-known sports manufacturer, has introduced an innovative and radically different clash series of the racquet in 2019. The aim of introducing this series was to give a perfect blend of power and control. This write-up is about an in-depth Wilson clash 98 review.

To introduce the latest and revolutionary models in the market, Wilson has put its efforts. These efforts lead to the development of the new racquet series called the Wilson Clash series. 

Designed for the intermediate to advanced level players, Wilson clash 98 delivers a soft and comfortable feel. It offers maneuverability that makes it suitable for players with tennis elbows

Specifications of Wilson Clash 98

  • Unstrung weight: 10.95 ounce/ 310 grams
  • Strung weight: 11.5 ounce/ 326 grams
  • Head size: 98 square inches/ 632.26 square centimeters
  • Swing weight: 326
  • Length: 27 inches/ 68.58 cm
  • Balance: 12.4 inches/ 31.5 cm, head light balance 9 pts
  • String pattern: 16 mains/ 19 crosses

The unstrung weight of this racquet is 310 grams. This weight of the racquet neither makes it a heavy racquet nor a lightweight racquet. So in terms of weight, it lies between the heavy and lightweight racquet, and thus it offers the stability of a heavy racquet and maneuverability of the light racquet. 

The small head size and string pattern of this racquet offer more spins, long shots, and thus it is proved to be a spin-friendly racquet

Moreover, its swing weight is enough to provide control, spin, and power to your swing speed. Using innovative technology offers comfort and an excellent feel to the players. 

Wilson Clash 98 Vs. Wilson Blade 98

It becomes essential to compare two things to know their value most of the time, so here in the Wilson clash 98 reviews, we have made a difference between Wilson clash 98 and blade 98.

If Wilson clash 98 is a sword, then blade 98 is a scalpel. They have many similar features, but their prominent differences are listed below. 


Wilson clash 98 is a precise tool only when used by a professional player. While blade 98 being more accurate than clash 98 and it gives consistent precision no matter whoever is using this racquet.


The string pattern is tighter in the sweet spot of blade 98, while it is not much tighter in clash 98. Thus blade 98 is a more control-oriented racquet. 


A perfect headlight balance makes it best on the back of the court, while the swing weight of the blade 98 is more than the clash 98, so due to 10 times more swing weight of the edge/blade 98, you can perform better on the serves. Wilson clash 98 features power and control to provide optimal performance. 

Power and Control

The merging properties of a flexible racquet and a stiffer racquet make this racquet a perfect choice for those who want in-between properties of power and control. While blade 98 has greater authority than dominance, it offers an excellent feel to players.

So, while making a difference between Wilson clash 98 vs. blade 98, it becomes clear that the clash lies between the spectrum of power and control; and the blade lies near the control end of the spectrum. 

Wilson clash string tension also differs for both. The clash has a recommended tension of 48-58 pounds, and the recommended tension for Wilson blade 98 is 50-60 pounds. 

Wilson Clash String Tension

When the technician installs strings to the rack of the racquet, he measures the force by a stringing machine to estimate weight called string tension. It varies with different racquets.

Some racquets have high string tension that provides more topspin, and some possess less string tension that is ideal for players with tennis elbows.   

Wilson clash 98 string tension recommendation

This guy has a mid-level of string tension. Wilson clash 98 string tension recommendation is from 48 pounds to 58 pounds for polyester and multifilament strings for most racquets. 

Wilson clash 98 stringing instructions

As mentioned in the specifications, it has a string pattern of 16 mains X 19 crosses. The string length is 20′ or 6.1 meters for mains and 17′ or 5.2 m for crosses. 

  • Mains skip: 7H, 9H, 7T, 9T 
  • Mains tie: 4H
  • Crosses tie: 6T 

Wilson clash string tension for the mains and cross lies in the suitable and comfortable range that makes it comfortable for the players with arm pain. The hybrid string set-up provides power, comfort, and feel to the player with multifilament and polyester strings. 

Wilson Clash 98 Design & Technology


This noble design racquet is an eye-catching model that has a high contrast frame with bold color accents. It is an esthetically pleasing and adorable unit that attracts every player. Moreover, the clean lines and the beautifully written W on its strings make it more appealing. 

Apart from the appearance, its construction and design also make it able to move freely in all directions. 

Technology review

Wilson clash 98 has included the latest and advanced technologies. With FreeFlex and StableSmert technology, it provides remarkable features to the players. In addition to these, a Dynamic X-section stability is also a technological addition to this member of the Clash family. 

FreeFlex Technology

Wilson Clash 98 is designed to bend in horizontal and vertical directions. The carbon mapping and FreeFlex design, incorporated throughout its frame, allows the player to get more swing, power, and control. Featuring dwell-time and ball-pocketing, this racquet has ultimate authority and bends freely in any swing style.

StableSmart Technology

StableSmart technology makes this racquet to move in any pre-specified direction. The unique geometry of Clash 98 comprises the thin beam at 24 mm combined with the strung weight of 323 grams that gives rise to the formation of the precise but powerful frame of this racquet. 

Dynamic stability

With the dynamic flex technology, it offers much stability and control. X-section technology makes this racquet unique and offers fast and long swings. 

Parallel drilling

Clash 98 has utilized the parallel drilling design that makes it forgiving and gives a consistent stringbed response.

Wilson Clash 98 Performance on different shots


Clash pro 98 gives excellent performance on the back of the court. It offers greater control than other members of clash series.

With aggressive strokes it gives the right feel too. As it swings faster, it provides control and power to your shots and maximizes your performance without putting any pressure on your joints. 

It offers power from the backhand side and control from the forehand side for backhand and forehand shots. Thus it gives strength, control, and spin.


Its performance is not limited to groundstrokes, but it is also good at the net. So in volleys, its feel, stability, and maneuverability allow the player to defeat the opponent.

At the net, this racquet is well equipped for modern tennis, and hence the singles can be played by most of the players very well. For all kinds of difficult balls, you can get a robust approach using this racquet. 


With the clash, you can amaze the opponent in this area, too, faster through the air, making it best to hit the serves. As you can generate topspins and control second serves, your opponent is uncomfortable and enables you to attack the ball with confidence.

We need a little bit of power, control, spin, and comfort to serve the ball. Here the clash 98 is perfect, giving it a little bit of everything. 


From the court’s back to the volleys and serves, here in returns, this racquet does not disappoint us, and we get the best returns with this racquet. 

You can get every return at the desired point where you want. This is because it has excellent absorbing power that enables you to control the ball. In short, this racquet offers more excellent stability that makes it suitable for returns. 

Is Wilson Clash 98 designed for you?

Clash 98 is designed for every intermediate player and advanced player. As it is flexible, but it gives reasonable control, and the players looking for comfort can easily play well with this racquet. 

So if you are among those intermediate players who consider comfort as their priority, this clash 98 is designed for you.

Final Verdict

A perfect balance of control and power is the main perk of this racquet. If you are looking for a mixture of these two features, Wilson clash 98 is worth considering. This racquet is not suitable for those who want a more control-oriented or more power-oriented racquet. Its user-friendly frame is equipped with revolutionary technologies and makes it able to perform well on all playtests.

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