Wilson Pro Staff 97 Reviews (2022): A Glimpse Over Pro Staff 97 Series

Wilson pro staff racquets

Let’s have a quick look at one of the most reputed brands in the world of tennis racquets before we geek out in this review. Wilson, a brand known for its racquets, had launched the first pro staff racquet in 1983. Thus, over the past few decades, the evolution of tennis racquet technology has resulted in the latest models of wooden racquets. The double braid of carbon and aramid fibers made it an appealing unit for players.

Do you know a racket that gives you a perfect combination of power, feels, and control? As you read Wilson pro staff 97 reviews, you will find out more about its features, and this write-up will reveal that pro staff 97 offers a great combination of feel, control, and spin.

Pro-staff 97 has enjoyed 38 years of success, and its thirteen-generation product has gained a lot of fame due to Roger Federer’s association with it.

Tennis has changed dramatically since the Pro-staff 97 series was introduced. Wilson pro staff 97 reviews reveal that players can enjoy maximum precision, control, and feel with this series. With its 7 point HL balance, braided graphite, and thin beam, you might feel the ball within reach. Furthermore, the weighing system is located at 3 and 9 o’clock to give this racquet series more torsional stability.  

Wilson Pro Staff 97 Series- At a glance

Pro-staff 97 racquets are the most highly rated in the tennis world, similarly, these series share many similar features. 

There are many racquets in the Wilson pro staff series, which we have listed below with their striking features. 

  • Wilson pro staff 97 RF
  • Wilson pro staff 97 black
  • Wilson pro staff 97 LS
  • Wilson pro staff 97 countervail

Wilson Pro Staff 97 RF Review

Designed for advanced-level players, Kevlar and Graphite braided composition adds resistance to this racquet and makes it more powerful.

Smart sensor technology is added at the end of the racquet’s handle. It helps the player to analyze the real-time by tracking the strokes and shots. Also, spin effect technology is designed to generate more spin and add 2 inches more net clearance.

With a swing weight of 336 ounces, you can add more power to long swing shots. In terms of flexibility, it is relatively stiffer and hence uncomfortable for many players.

Wilson Pro Staff 97 Black Review

Designed by Roger Federer, this racquet provides outstanding ball feedback. From the Wilson pro staff 97 black review, it becomes evident that this racquet is highly rated for its maneuverability, and it offers a fantastic blend of power and spin.

The weight of this racquet helps to generate unforgiving shots with a strong playstyle. This semi- stiff racquet is suitable for intermediate players.

Wilson Pro Staff 97 LS Review

This guy provides a spin-friendly swing with an 18 x 16 string pattern.

It has an actual weight, i.e., 10.8 oz. that adds a comfortable feel to players. It is also designed by Roger Federer and is best for intermediate players.

Spin effect technology, amplified technology, and smart sensor features are the perks of this racquet.

Wilson Pro Staff 97 Countervail Review

Wilson pro staff 97 tennis racquet includes many popular racquets in its pro staff 97 series. However, Wilson pro staff 97 countervail is one of the top-notch products of this series, and we’ve reviewed countervail in this write-up. Additionally, we have also discussed the main features and their performance on the court’s various play styles. 

Wilson Pro Staff 97 Specs

Now explore this countervail racquet further and dig into Wilson pro staff 97 specs:

Wilson pro staff tennis racket

String pattern: 16×19

Length: 27 inches (69 cm)

Stiffness: 66 RA

Unstrung weight: 315 grams (11.1 ounces)

Strung weight: 330 grams (11.6 ounces)

Head Size: 97 square inches (626 square cm)

Balance: 32 cm (12.6 inches) 7 pts. Headlight

Construction: 21.5 mm beam

Composition: Graphite

The Wilson Pro Staff 97 Countervail is similar to its sibling Roger’s RF97 in many ways. however, this racquet shows a remarkable feature that makes it an outstanding racquet. Its striking feature is its countervailing dampening technology. 

Moreover, this updated version is lighter than RF97. Although it is lighter in weight, you can execute the excellent performance as it is potent.

Pro-staff 97 CV has a balance of 32 cm with 7 pts. the headlight that makes it a stable racquet. Moreover, it enables this racquet to easily whip through contact with quick handling through the net.  

Now coming towards its flexibility, Wilson pro staff 97 stiffness ranges from semi-stiff to stiff racquets. Pro-staff 97 CV is a semi-stiff racquet but offers more handling.

This lightweight racquet with a 315 g (unstrung) weight and 330 g (strung) provides maneuverability as it is easy to swing and maneuverable. Moreover, its standard length is 27 inches which also adds power in shots while playing with this racquet.

From the Wilson pro staff 97 specswe can get an idea that it offers forgiveness, high performance, augmented pop, and high spin potential.

Its 16 X 19 string pattern adds high spin to the racquet, and also, the player can make topspins with this racquet.

Wilson Pro Staff 97 Countervail-Features Overview


Wilson pro staff 97 CV is a redesigned model of the pro staff series made after Rogers and Wilson’s partnership.

The braided graphite composition also dampens the vibrations to provide a crisp feel from the racket.

A beam of 21.55 mm with a braided graphite layer adds beauty to this racquet’s foam-filled design.

Moreover, the weight and balance ratio is optimized in its construction, and a solid feel is maintained. 


It is made of graphite with interwoven countervail material that makes it a stronger racquet and provides a crispier feel with its thin beam.

Matt black paint finishing adds beauty to this racquet and makes it more unique, stylish, and striking.

Countervail Technology

To decrease the vibrations, advanced technology is introduced called countervail technology.

The dampening feature improves the player’s performance by reducing muscle fatigue and conserves energy expenditure.

Incorporating layers of carbon fiber in some parts of the racquet reduces harmful vibrations and unwanted shocks. In turn, this guy provides greater control on the game, high precision, greater energy input of the player, and consistency.

String pattern

Wilson pro staff 97 has used a most common string pattern with a 16 X 19 string pattern. Moreover, its design allows the players to greatly impact the ball with an increase in power and control. Its open-string bed offers more hits on the ball. Hence extra spins are added with this spin-friendly string pattern.


The small head size of pro staff 97 CV, measuring 97 square inches only, makes it easy to control and offers high maneuverability.

The rebound effect normally decreases with this racquet as its small head size prevents the ball from sinking into tennis strings.

Moreover, you can get a low margin of error due to its small size; resultantly, you’ll achieve more precision.


The string pattern of this racquet helps to generate a fast spin. With the solid feel and control, you can generate a topspin that does not compromise the precision.

Sweet spot

The court has a strong play style and transfers great power to the ball at impact.

Either the ball hits the sweet spot of this racquet with a small size head, or it hits off the center; in both situations, you can generate maximum power to beat the opponent.


Like the previous version of pro staff, this CV version also provides great performance on groundstrokes. Due to its lightweight, you can maneuver it very well, and its spin and power make it the best fit for baseliners.

The playability, crispier feel make you able to have control of the game. You can make the ball land wherever you want on the court.


This area is the most highly scored area where pro staff 97 CV shines the most. High precision, comfort, and crispier connected feel provided by this racquet make it best to work on volleys.


As we mentioned before, this pro staff 97 provides control, so it is easier for you to place the ball anywhere on the court. That’s why it offers good serves and returns.

Moreover, you can generate great spin with high confidence. As a result, you’ll achieve the desired topspin and precision.

However, due to this racquet’s less weight, it gains less transfer of power while serving with this racquet than strokes.

Is Wilson pro staff 97 CV for you? 

If you are an intermediate player, then this is perfect for you. Moreover, pro-level players can also get an advantage from this racquet.

Anyone looking for a maneuverable racquet that provides high precision and spins, then pro staff 97 CV is the best choice.  


Wilson pro staff 97 provides the best playing experience with its crispier yet muted feel as it adds the latest touch to your game. Whether you are an intermediate-level player or an expert player with an advanced-level playing style, you can get more control over the game with this small head-size racquet.

Roger Federer has played his role in designing this unique and high-quality racquet. Wilson pro staff 97 Countervail was first engineered in Chicago. Hence, its countervail dampening has reduced the vibrations to play without wasting his energy.

Adding more power to the game, you can rattle the opponent with this CV racquet. This racquet’s overall performance is great as it is maneuverable and offers control with its thin beam.

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